Sunday, March 30, 2014

3 Months?!

Since my last update? Really?

I've been busy with work and a new cat (the third and last one) and a little overwhelmed with the amount of Lego that needs to be sorted and organized. I've been avoiding the Lego room.

But today I took some small steps and cleared out one corner in the chaos.



Thursday, December 05, 2013

Twas The Night Before Christmas

The stockings were hung by the Tower of Orthanc with care,
In hopes that Sauron soon would be there;
The orcs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of hobbits danced in their heads.

A LOTR Christmas

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Evolution

Lego Room 2011: Mostly for display purposes. It wasn't as functional as I would have liked but our collection was fairly small back then. Full write up here.


Lego Room 2012 (May): Lots more space and I loved those floating shelves. Full write up here.

Lego Room Updated

Lego Room 2012 (Nov): Had to say goodbye to the floating shelves (and the green velvet chair) because I needed the wall space. Sadly, function over form.

Lego Room 11/4/12

Lego Room 2013: Switched to the larger Artbin containers to reduce the amount of wasted space on the bookshelves.

There is probably an additional 200lbs of Lego on these shelves since the previous photo.

Lego Room 2013

Lego Room 2013

And what's a Lego room without a Dark Lord?

Lego Room Mascot

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Worth A 1000 Words

My mother and I were talking a while back and I asked in passing about some old photos. A week later, a package arrived and out spilled a flood of memories. Elementary school, my first real birthday party, graduation... moments I hadn't thought about in decades. It all came rushing back, complete with sounds and smells.

Waaaaay before the advent of camera phones (or cell phones for that matter!), taking photos wasn't as easy or spontaneous since it meant lugging around a large camera. And film - what a racket!

So, I cherish these pictures while regretting my childish impatience with my mother who always, always wanted us to stop whatever we were doing to smile for the camera. But my favorite photos are the ones I don't remember. I see these and wish that my memory stretched back further.

So that I can remember standing in a field with my mother.

My mother and me

Or playing on a beach with my parents and some boy who seems to have lost his pants.


This is worthy of a close up because 1) how beautiful was my mother and 2) my dad's hat.

My parents

Monday, September 16, 2013

Backyard Attempt #3

We bought our house about 11 years ago. And not once have I been happy with the back (and front yard). It never seemed finished or cohesive.

We did plant some leyland cypresses for privacy - too much privacy. Like 35-40 feet of privacy that towered over our narrow backyard, casting a perpetual shadow over the house. A private, dark, damp, mudpit.

So, this is the last attempt to get it right. Smarter choices of trees, plants, and installing a french drain system that will hopefully rise up to the challenge of the Pacific NW winters. Fingers crossed.

I can't see the finished picture yet... it's all a big, muddy mess. But soon. Just in time for 5 months of rain.

Backyard renovation

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kneel! Kneel Before...

Ummmmm. I mean, "You underestimate the Power of the Dark Side". I was duly chastised for mixing up my geek references.

But there can be only one.

Darth Teddy

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Pacific

We've been working so hard the last few years, rarely taking time off. Then we realized that it had been almost 3 years since our last vacation. A little more work/life balance, please.

So for our anniversary, we decided to head to the Coast because I love the Pacific ocean. And instead of the usual hotel room, we found a private house that promised jaw dropping views. For months I tried not to get too excited - "it's going to be good", I told myself, "but not that great. Nothing can be that perfect."

 And then we walked through the doors.

Absolutely perfect.
In every way.

Oregon Coast rental

This kitchen was crazy. Fully stocked with every thing a chef could possibly need. I mostly used it for making coffee, eggs and toast. In my defense, I was on vacation!

Oregon Coast rental: Kitchen

Downstairs, there was another living room and 2 master bedrooms complete with en suite bathrooms.

And the private hot tub off the lower deck. I spent so much time in this hot tub, I think I grew gills.

I could look at this view forever.

Oregon Coast rental: The view

Update: A lot of people have asked me about this rental property. Although, I would love to keep this place all to myself, I think that would be a little too selfish. Located on the Oregon Coast (about 10 minutes North of Lincoln City), the VRBO listing is here.

Please note that this house is for couples and families and is not intended for parties.