Tuesday, November 29, 2011

James and The Bus

This is for Ian, who seems to think this blog is dedicated to waxing poetic about my husband. I just wanted to point out what the true purpose is...

Remember the kilt? Keep this in the back of your mind as we walk down memory lane.


And remember the time he signed up for Zumba before he knew what Zumba was? I think this is my single biggest regret in life - that I wasn't there to watch or record it. It still keeps me up at night.

But back to his fashion choices. If you thought the kilt extravaganza could be explained away as the follies of youth, think again. Spandex.

The man knows how to rock some sunglasses.

His come hither look.

Yup. This one always gets me. James is the one wearing the manly powder blue bow tie and cummerbund..

One time, he forgot to fill up the tank in the car and I wrote this post and uploaded this photo. I didn't really need an excuse - this pink tank top is solid gold.

There's more, a whole lot more - I mean, there's all his Renaissance Faire years!!

James at Ren Faire

You see?!

There he is.

My husband.

Hmm. I guess Ian was right after all. Because seeing all these photos reminded me how amazing and funny he is. I adore you, James. My best boy.

James @17

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucy Zoom

Lucy can be a little wary around me at times - I think it's because I can't resist picking her up and smooching her silly. And she's currently in this "you can hold me but only on my terms" phase. Depending on her mood, she'll cuddle and purr for hours or be completely standoffish.

Luckily, my camera has a 60x digital zoom. So, I can get right up to her eyeball. As I was zooming back out, I realized she wasn't getting any smaller. The zoom lens had piqued her interest.

She's growing sooo quickly. I want my little baby back.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The LEGO Store: Washington Square

We are lucky enough to live within driving distance to a LEGO store (well, maybe not so lucky on our credit card) so we end up visiting at least once a week. Yes, there are other places you can buy LEGO, like Toy's R Us (but they markup their LEGO so be aware of that when they go on "sale"), Target, Amazon etc... but the customer service at the LEGO store is fantastic.

                                                   Source LEGO

The staff is in a word: amazing. Especially Daniel and Lauren. Lauren actually helped me feel through the various Series Minifigures packages, identifying different shapes. Great attitudes - especially when you consider how chaotic it can get in there (it's a kid mecca!), the burning lights (my only gripe) and now, the Holiday crowd, I'm always impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone is.

Also, be sure to join the VIP program. It's free to join and tracks your spending at the store - you get points for every purchase which you can use towards future purchases. If you're buying at the LEGO store and not on the VIP program, you're passing up free LEGO.

If you live in the Portland area, go!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The LEGO Room

[Note: Here's a how-to-guide on how to build the Lego Minifigure Display case.]

I decided a while back to turn my crafting studio into a LEGO room. I never used it so I packed up my scrapbooking supplies and sold them on Craigslist. I did however, keep all the furniture since it was ideal for storage and building models and MOCs.

Here's the view from the door. Most LEGO builders have their work surfaces pushed up against a wall so they can stack small, modular shelves for easy access. We might do that eventually but this allows both of us to work on either side. Plus, I kind of like the flow of the room this way.


The desk is made from the Adams tabletop and Adams shelves from Target and those are IKEA Expedit shelves. I'm really, really happy with my choice of desks. I went back and forth between the Pottery Barn version and Target's version but in the end, the Adams table made much more sense and it was half the price at the time.

Unfortunately, it looks like Target jacked up the price - the table top and 2 pairs of side shelves are now $750 total. I think I paid $475 with discounts and free shipping. And you definitely want to get free shipping since it weighs close to 200 lbs.

View from the window.


One of my favorite things in this room are the new minifigure display cases. It's so nice having them out on display and dust-free. The link will show you a how-to guide on how to build them - they're super easy!

LEGO Room - Minifigure display

The main Expedit shelf is divided into 2 sections. I used the top shelves for display and the bottom half for storing different sets. The white magazine holders have all the instruction booklets sorted by theme.

[Yes, those white and green tissue flowers are not exactly LEGO related but they're pretty and one of the few holdovers from when this room was all girl-crafty!]


Here are the bottom shelves. Store sets or part them out? This has been an ongoing debate for quite a long time. I like storing individual sets in containers - saves a lot of time digging around when we want to re-build. But James wants to part everything out so we have access to LEGO that would otherwise be sitting in bins.

We compromised and only store the sets we know we will rebuild. There are umm... 75 more bins downstairs waiting to be labeled.

LEGO Room - Sets

The closet holds our loose LEGO and UCS sets. (I updated it since I first wrote this post now it looks like this instead of the photo above when there was still a door - more info here)

Wall Mounted Shelving

Each of those storage containers are individually labeled and then organized by element and color. I won't even mention how long this takes us - suffice it to say, it's a labor of love.

We still have a crazy amount of LEGO to sort through and organize since our dining room table still looks like this:

LEGO Organization process

That's it - a brief tour of the LEGO room in progress and how we store and organize our collection.  And yes, we know it's a little over the top. But it makes us smile!

Lego Minifigure Display: Star Wars

Update: May 28, 2012. We revamped the Lego Room again to accommodate our growing collection - here's version 2.0.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

For Henry

A while ago, I had a little chat with a Lego obsessed little boy (no, not my husband) and he was unimpressed with my Stormtrooper knowledge. Or lack thereof.

After some research, I realized just how woefully ignorant I was of the many, many flavors of Trooper goodness.  Here's a small sampling:


First Row (left to right): Clonetrooper, Clone Pilot (Ep. 3), Clone Wars Pilot, Commander Cody, ARF Trooper, Shadow Stormtrooper, Captain Rex

2nd Row: Clonetrooper Commander, Bomb Squad Trooper, Snowtrooper, Star Corps Trooper, Clone Recon Trooper, Stormtrooper

3rd Row: Biker Scout, Jet Trooper, Tie Fighter Pilot, Phase II Trooper, Shock Trooper.