Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchens Sell

In real estate, kitchens sell. The same goes for Lego as well. I wasn't so keen on the Lego Fire Brigade for some reason and passed on it. Luckily, the boy scooped it up and brought it home. And in the making, discovered one of the cutest little kitchens I've ever seen.

This puts all of my Barbie Dream House fantasies to shame (I've never owned one and always coveted but no more!). That stove really opens and I threw a lego turkey drumstick inside. The fridge has wieners and beer. Yeah I know. I need to take some extreme closeups of that. New lens incoming!

And of course for Megan.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Lego-Dining Room

Who needs a dining room? This makes much more sense in our house.

This is a small fraction of what we own. We're going to completely overhaul the shelving and organization of our lego in the next few weeks. Will post photos!

Look At Yourself

Too amazing for words.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

One Bag To Rule Them All

Remember when I complained about all the bags I carried to work (4 in total)?

And stumbled upon this solution... which worked for a while. But I soon outgrew that as well and it wasn't quite professional enough.

But I think I finally, finally found an all-in-one laptop tote that handles everything. Here she is in all her glory. There's not much I can't jam into this bag. But it doesn't look that bulky. Look at all the dividers, compartments and pockets! I loooove it.

This is what I had inside.

Clockwise from the top center: green water bottle, lunch bag, hand sanitizers, iPad, iTouch, headphones, makeup bag, 3 pens, cell phone, wallet, 3 thumb drives, cash bag, usb charger, cell phone charger, Hershey's kiss, file folders, notebook, 17 inch laptop with mousepad and mouse.

I usually carry more than my camera, external hard drive etc but I've been working from home this week so I didn't pack it full.

And all for $80.00.