Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Husband's Nightmare

Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm a handbag-aholic. I've shared some of my past obssessions, like Tokidoki and Burberry and how my poor, confused husband fails to understand why I need more than one handbag. Silly boy.

Luckily, my friend Nicole understands. Understands, shares and supports my addiction. So, yesterday, we hopped into a car and drove 4 hours to Utopia (aka a premium outlet mall in Tulalip, WA). We drove around the entire mall twice, just to inspect the different stores and a complicated mathematical parking/shopping strategy that involved:

∑ (optimal parking location + proximity to favorite stores) * probability of purchases ≈ the number of bags to carry/exhaustion and fatigue = maximum limit on credit card

My primary motive was the Burberry store but it was rather anti-climatic. The asian sales girls were haughty and silly ("please don't take photos in the store" - seriously, what?) and items were only 10-20% off the regular retail price. You don't drive 8 hours for a measly 10%. Finally, they didn't have the handbags I really wanted...which was always a possibility since it is an outlet store.

Lucky for us, Kate Spade saved the day. This store is visual candy. We just walked from shelf to shelf, ooohing and ahhing. And it's more my personal preference* - clean lines without all the busy blingie stuff that the most recent styles are sporting. [*ed. My Tokidoki fascination notwithstanding.]

In a store filled with orange, pink, red and green, these are the handbags I collected for consideration. Are you surprised?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Learned A Bad Thing

I am not sure how long I can bear to have this here but for the time being, I am amused...

[ed: Okay, I couldn't take the crazy, blingy photo on the main page anymore. So you'll have to make the jump.]