Monday, November 30, 2009

Jaw Story: Revenge Of The Fallen

No, this is not a review of the Transformers sequel (though that movie was a rather mindless yet pseudo entertaining romp). No, this is about my epic saga to achieve the ideal bite.

Anyone who has visited a dentist or his evil cousin, the orthodontist, knows of their obssession with the "ideal bite". Nevermind that my teeth were straight, my bite was all wrong. So I underwent one incredibly invasive jaw surgery and several years of braces. I thought that was all behind me until I went back into the dentist last month with some muscle soreness in my right jaw.

Fast forward to today. I need braces. Again. Luckily, they've ruled out additional surgery. Just braces. And my ortho has agreed to put the braces back on for no additional charge. So, I really don't have any reason not to do this.

Except for the fact that I hated every single second that I had those braces on.