Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Featured Blogger

It's been a while since I featured someone. It takes a lot to impress me so a few years have passed. But it's been worth the wait - I'm sure you'll all be super duper amazed at this young man's talent.

Ultimate Outsider is fairly new on the blogfront, as far as blogfronts go but I think this one is a winner. The blogger, a young man who leads a quiet life of masturbation, has assured me that he's working on cranking out 2 posts per month.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Motion Picture Appraisals

[note: I decided to take my original post and run it through MS Word's synonym machine. This is what I resulted with.]

A week within the innovative Year. I reflect it still feels to a quantity of extent sanitary and new-fangled but these grey, overcast days are starting to transport me despondent. I necessitate supplementary snow!

We at most recent got approximately to watching some movies (by means of our Xbox 360 no a smaller amount – I discern, we’re technological infants).

Ratatouille: A rat who fancies to be a chef. Yup. I reflect I distinguish where they were going by means of this but I’m repentant, my solitary rejoinder when seeing a bushel of vermin spilling over a kitchen is to tremble. No matter how arduous you endeavor to influence me that they’ve been sanitized and disinfected. Just an uncanny, creepy theory. Someone necessity have been smoking something when they green-lit it.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: I think WE ought to have been smoking something whilst we observed this. Perchance it would have made more sagacity. Truthfully tortuous story lines and oodles of Johnny Depp eye makeup. Meh. Not awed. Even though I did reverence the Keith Richards’ character part.

Quantum of Solace: Not as superior as the unique. Nevertheless, it has Daniel Craig so I am capable of exonerating it. The solitary thing I don’t worship is the way he purses his orifice. What’s up by way of that?

This was fun!

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