Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'd Like Some Vodka

With that ice, please. The problem with mostly temperate places that experience the odd snowfall is freezing rain. And lots of it. Sunday, we woke up to a thin layer of ice - sparkly, pretty and fucking slippery. And so the great IceStorm/Arctic Blast/Cabin Fever/Snowbound event of 2008 continues.

There are thousands of mini ice sculptures in my backyard... like these ice leaves.

The obligatory shot of ice-covered branches.

Yes, it's gorgeous here right now. But sometime yesterday morning, I became a bit concerned about our food supplies. Since the boy has been snowed in for the last week and a half, he's been steadily eating everything in sight. And not knowing this would continue for 10+ days, our food stocks dipped dangerously low.

Enter friends with 4 wheel drive and snow tires! Hurrah. The cavalry drove me to the grocery store where I proceeded to spend $200 on food. Hey, know your audience.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Dreaming...

Been overdosing on Christmas schmaltz the last few days. First, the boy and I watched Rudolph on TV last week - that crazy 1964, stop-action animation version. Maybe it's best to leave beloved childhood memories in their box; I had forgotten just how depressing and weird it is.

Last night, however - in between bouts of playing Warcraft - we watched my all time favorite, White Christmas. Mmmm. That one never, ever disappoints. Settled in with some roasted chestnuts, a warm blanket, a sleeping boy, Bing crooning and snow falling outside, it was a ridiculously ideal evening.

Speaking of snow, it's snowing in Portland. Which means we're snowed in. The entire city held hostage by 4 inches (you'd think that 4 inches wouldn't be able to accomplish anything but.. har har). I used to think this was ridiculous...especially coming from Toronto where snow storms were just a part of life from October to April. But then I realized that this city isn't equipped to deal with snow - and why should it be? Not when it happens once every 2 years at the most?

No giant fleet of trucks salting and de-icing the streets because they simply wouldn't be used enough to offset the capital expenditure. And we don't own any snow tires because.. seriously.. why the hell would we? So, I'll gladly stay home for a few days every two years and watch the world slow down.

And make hand-made accordion books with Japanese specialty paper and mini clipboards. Why mini-clipboards? Why mini anything?! Remember the awesome mini clothespins?!

And of course, another tree picture. No lights, just the rare winter sun streaming in.