Monday, July 28, 2008

Plethora Of Pizza

It's both interesting and intensely boring to cook for the boy. He goes through particular food phases and will become infatuated with a certain dish, requesting it every day, every night for weeks.

He also recently gave up eating cheese because of the animal enzymes (James, don't click on the link) and subsequently, had to forego a lot of his favorite foods. Like cheese. Like pizza. It also makes cooking for him a lot more challenging.

Luckily, I found some vegan-friendly cheese et voilĂ , we're back in business.

So, the flavor of the month is home-made pizza, slathered with his favorite toppings. I made 4 of these this morning.

They should last the week.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's interesting how something so minor, like a tidy bed, can fill me with a sense of peace and calm. It's also interesting that given how much enjoyment I get out of said tidy bed, I so rarely take the time to actually make it in the morning.

The boy thinks it's because I'm so anal about the process. Sheets must be ironed, corners tucked in, everything nice and taut. It becomes a whole lot of effort. But after a few weeks of a helter skelter bedroom, I like this version so much better - and I will endeavor to keep it this way. Every day. Let's see how many consecutive days I can manage.

Oh, and for observant viewers, those are the new nightstands we got to replace the old cherry ones. The last of the bedroom pre-Cindy furniture is gone! Hurrah.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes, it's probably much warmer...ummm... everywhere else. But it doesn't matter. It's simply too hot here. And even in my air-conditioned cocoon, I feel it. Our office is the smallest room in the house, on the second floor and packed full of computers and sweaty humans.

Downstairs - almost too chilly. Office - sauna. Blah. I think we'll temporarily move our computers into the family room until the summer is over.

Meanwhile, I've been slowly covering my fridge with Tokidoki prints. The boy seems confused enough not to do anything. Here's the latest one that's going up...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

That Was Then

We have such a love/hate relationship with all the green space around our house. We love the idea of a lush backyard but we hate the reality of the maintenance. Well, truthfully, we put in very little effort but we'll still mumble about it.

And unlike other families, we spend absolutely no time in our backyard. No BBQ's, no outdoor lunches, no kids playing in the grass. If people didn't see us driving out of our garage, they might doubt we actually live here.

Despite all of our complaints, there are some moments when we both stand back with pleasure and take in what we've (or Mother Nature) created over the years.

In early 2003, we went crazy planting trees, shrubs etc to cover up the weathered grey fence and the overhead wires (the wires weren't on our property - but they were still an eyesore). James did all the heavy lifting while I told him where to plant stuff. Poor boy got tendonitis in his right arm which his doctor originally diagnosed as gout. That tickled us pink. Now, everything is gout unless proven otherwise.

But I digress. Here's the backyard 5 years ago. Picture taken with some crappy digital camera.

July 2008. Green. Lush. Fence hidden, wires hidden.

I guess it's worth the effort. I think.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Noise?

Last night, I woke up certain that our house had cracked in half and that I was experiencing a mild cardiac event. Normally, I love thunderstorms... when I'm watching the lightning show with some hot cocoa, curled up on my sofa.

Which is nothing like being jerked awake by a sonic boom directly overhead, while the equivalent of flash bang grenades explode in your bedroom.

The boy woke up to comfort me. He managed to stay awake for approximately 2 more cracks of thunder before his hand went slack and he stopped answering my questions. I have always been amazed at his ability to sleep no matter the situation.

Like in Sequoia National Park. Some animal scratched at our tent flap at 3 am. He woke up momentarily, registered the sound enough to realize "ooh, that could be a problem - pretty scary" right before passing out again. Meanwhile, I'm beside him lying frozen in terror, wondering how to fashion a rudimentary weapon out of my air pillow.

Anyways. I still love storms. Just not when I'm sleeping.