Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Don't Like It Hot

For the last week, it's been a little chilly, rainy and grey with sporadic bursts of sun. Your average, typical Spring day in the Pacific Northwest.

Then today. Sun sun and sun... with a high of 78°. I consider this sweltering heat and I was not equipped to deal with the sudden onset of summer. There was no warning - barely enough time to crank on the A/C for the first time. And all you people who said we wouldn't need air conditioning here are just plain stupid. Stupid with a capital IDIOT.

In order of priority, the things I love during summer:

1. Air Conditioning
2. My husband
3. Air Conditioning

Alas, even with the A/C, our office gets plenty hot with all the computers running. We've put off buying a ceiling fan for a few years but I dragged the boy to Home Depot this evening. We debated on whether or not to hire an electrician for the installation. He honestly thought he could do it. In the end, I vetoed that option with an ironclad argument: "I don't want to die."

And so, with the air conditioning purring in the background, I watched the season finale of High School Reunion. All the drama, the hookups between diverse social cliques, and 2nd chances some 20 years later. Interesting. Which got me thinking, "If I were single, is there anyone I would want to hook up with, a fish that got away?"

Richard L, if you're reading this - Hi, fishie.

[e. please note that the fish that I did land, aka Fizzienub, is the bestest fish ever.]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Size Matters

Years of lazy living, too much on-line gaming and stressful jobs have taken their toll. Coupled with the fact that I'm turning 37 this year ... Oh. My. God.

Time for a change. Like going to the gym 5-6 times a week and in the morning no less! After the first two weeks of the obligatory "ooh my aching muscles" and "just 5 more minutes in bed, please!!", things have finally settled into a routine and I actually like my morning workouts. Will wonders never cease.

Which is the reason why I picked up the iPod Shuffle in the first place. Try strapping this monstrosity onto your arm. I mean, it was small a few years ago when we first bought it but now it's just clunky. And it gets in the way of shoulder raises.

Enter the shuffle. Just clipped it onto my shirt and away I went.

Plus, it's a gorgeous robin's egg blue that I'm currently obssessed with. And no, I wouldn't have bought a black one. I'm branching out in my old age.

Monday, April 07, 2008


After years of avoiding the whole iPod bandwagon, I am now a fanboi. Look at how SMALL and CUTE they are! I mean, honestly. How am I supposed to resist this? Uh huh, right! You know? That's what I'm saying!

La~ Also, you can get them engraved ... with anti-theft messages!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Point Counterpoint

When I picked up the boy from the train station this afternoon, he commented on how hungry he was. "I'm really hungry," he said. Once at home, I thought for sure that inertia and his hunger would prevail but he was insistent on going to the gym. Before he left, he scrounged around the kitchen asking if we had any snacks. We did not.

A while later, he called to say he was done at the gym and picking up some food on the way home. I was upstairs on the computer so he was left to his own devices.

A few hours later, I joined him in the family room. This is an excerpt of our conversation.

Me: "So, what did you eat for dinner?"
Fizzienub: "I had my usual - a jumbo burrito and some jalepeno poppers."
Me: "You ate all of it?"
FN: "Yeah." [Becomes all huffy and defensive.] "What?! I was hungry! I don't have anything to hide. At least I'm being upfront about everything!"

He then feigned indifference and focused on watching TV but I was intrigued.

Me: "How was your workout? Did they have any classes tonight?"
FN: "Well, no. No classes. I ... umm... stretched out for a while and then worked out for 15 minutes."
Me: "You only worked out for 15 minutes?! And then you went and got food?"
FN: "Yeah."
Me: "What did you end up doing for those 15 minutes? Did you at least work up a sweat?"
FN: [Hems and haws for a bit] "I ... uh.... stretched for 5 minutes and ... errr... then did the bike for 5 minutes and... ummm.... did the eliptical for 5 minutes."
Me: "But you said you stretched first and then worked out for 15 minutes."
FN: [Eyes start to flicker back and forth] "Ummm... well, yeah. I worked out for 15 minutes including the stretching."

Unsurprisingly, this type of workout wasn't the sweat producing kind. This was followed by a few more minutes of mockery. Then a change in topic.

Me: "Hey honey, let's go to the store. I need to pick up a few things."
FN: "No way. I already went to the store."

I turned to look directly into his panic stricken eyes.

Me: "Do you see where you made your mistake?"
FN: [Nervous giggling] "What?"
Me: "You already went to the store?"
FN: [More nervous giggling.]
Me: "What did you get at the store?"
FN: "Ummm... I may have gotten some carrot cake."

In the end, he felt completely justified because he hadn't really lied to me and answered all of my point blank questions truthfully. Sometimes, I think I'm married to an alien. A stupid, hungry alien.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can You Believe

It's April already?

I was thinking of creating an elaborate hoax for the boy but after I got home from the gym, the couch seemed like a better idea.

Do you know who's at the gym between 7:30 and 9 am? Old people. And women.