Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's What's Inside That Counts

In keeping with Q's introspective blog topic - his was on ethics and killing a fat man named Bob - mine is equally thought-provoking. Well, actually, this is probably more meaningful and interesting because it's about Teddy bears.

Teddy bears and what teddy bears mean to different people.

Some create teddy bears, like my boy. Although, the mini-bear has been about 5 months in the making and the poor dear still only has one foot. Not posting any pictures because I'm still traumatized by what you obscene people wrote months ago. See what that says about you?!

Other people think, "Ah, a stuffed bear. Let's turn it inside it out, sew it back together and see what looks like." Comme Ça...

And still others think that this teddy bear deconstruction is a work of art and will attend gallery showings.

Which really just leaves me with one thought really.... what should I do with that teddy bear collection in my husband's closet?? [ed. no explanation of WHY a gaggle of teddy bears live in his closet will be provided].

It's for ART, my love. Get me my scissors.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Everyone has those books, movies or TV shows - the ones that you read/watch over and over again. They just never seem to get old.

One perennial favorite (that I always seem to read during winter) is Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott. I first read this book when I was 12. It was a hardback edition with beautiful color illustrations.

I loved this book and programs like the Cosby Show because they featured an idealized family. Sitting around the dinner table, talking, laughing, loving. Blah blah. It was like going to the zoo and watching the bizarre mating rituals of the pygmy monkeys. Oddly fascinating in a "what the hell are they doing???" kind of way.

Since then, I've owned many copies of the book, mostly softcover and none with the charming pictures that I loved so much. A few years ago, with the help of Ebay, I found an antique bookstore that had the edition I wanted.

Hurrah for my own hardcover copy of funky monkey loving.

Some other books that I'm going through for the umpteenth time...

Watership Down, Richard Adams. An epic tale of rabbits and their struggle for survival. At the time I discovered this book, there was another series about moles, Duncton Wood or something. As the boy puts it "moles with ninja abilities!" Come on. Moles? Puhlese. That's just too silly for words.

Dragonlance Series, Weis and Hickman. The first fantasty series I've ever read. Most people started with Tolkien but I couldn't get past the description of hairy Hobbit toes.

The Rutshire Chronicles by Jilly Cooper. Flim flam, totally trashy romance novels that I absolutely adore.

And I'm TiVo'ing M*A*S*H right now so I wake up every morning with at least 4 episodes waiting for me. All seen at least a dozen times so what's another dozen?

What do you watch/read/listen to over and over and over again?