Thursday, April 26, 2007

When Blogs Go Bad...

Or, when Q finally decides to blog.

So, Q's significant other decided it would be a great idea to get Q to write a blog. I quote "I thought you might be interested inreading about the inner workings of Q's mind."

"Hmm." I thought, "What could go wrong with this idea?! Let's do it!" So, I started harassing him. "Q, make a blog", "Q, have you started that blog yet?" and "Q BLOG NOW".

Like all men who are married, he eventually gave in and created Qlogged.

I apologize.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


is resting comfortably. The surgery went well and he was awake and cracking bad jokes when I came to pick him up.

Now the hard part - getting him to stay off that knee and taking it easy for the next few days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surgery Week!

Tomorrow, the boy goes in for his knee surgery. He's assured me that it's not a big deal and that it's nothing to be concerned about.


On Friday, I have a surgical consult to determine the particulars surrounding my jaw surgery. Unless he's super busy, I think it might happen as early as June. Now this one is a big deal and I suppose if I thought about it, I would be concerned.

I wonder if I'm allowed to be on medication prior to the surgery. I can predict now that I won't be getting any sleep for a week or two prior.

I wonder how my face will look. Knee surgery won't change the boy's face but mine will. Ugh. How weird. After 35.9 years, I have to readjust to a new face. I wonder if they can do my boobs at the same time!?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Teeny Tiny Planes...

...That fall from the sky.

So, I had a lot of traveling to do this weekend and in order to try to make up for some valuable time, instead of driving 3 hours to my meeting today, I took one of the company's jets.

We got the smallest one.

When I say small - I mean small.

The interior was no larger (if not smaller) than your standard SUV. As my female passenger kept reminding me - it's exactly these small planes that plummet from the sky on a routine basis.


No, there was no security screening. I parked my car next to the hangar and got on the plane. Yes, there was food and drinks. I had a fruit salad with some orange juice on the flight.

On an interesting note, I got to see all the neato cockpit controls. Even the flashing red light that kept saying something about oil pressure. I think this is why they always keep the cockpit door closed on commercial flights.

When we landed at the private airport, there was a Lincoln town car waiting 4 feet away. No need for baggage claim et al.

A person can get used to this.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring and Letters from UwaTF?!

My internal calendar says it's Spring and with that comes the urge to clean, simplify and CLEAN.

This year, I think the Spring cleaning urge has been tainted with Home re-modeling fever. So that means, I want to buy new furniture, rip out the carpets and replace with hardwood floors, install granite countertops, wash down and repaint the walls, buy all new curtains and cushions, linens and a boat load of organizational stuff.

It sounds a little extreme, I realize but luckily, I have a husband who tolerates my whims.

In the past, with all projects of this type, we usually aim high and create a huge list of goals and then fall deep into the pit of laziness and do the absolute minimum.


Since it looks like being a house elf is out of the question for the time being (we both have surgerical procedures pending and apparently Doctors and Hospitals have this thing about being paid first) so I need my house to be the epitome of tranquility and serenity.

I'll blog my before and afters. If I post all the before's now, it might give me that extra incentive to keep me on track.


On a completely different note, last year my parents discovered the internet and even got the language converter so they can read and write in Korean. As a result, my mother will email from time to time in Korean.

I don't really read Korean.

My fluency is on par with a 6 year old learning to read period. So I use AltaVista's Babel Fish translating tool.

Cons: it's not very accurate
Pros: it's funny as hell

Here's what my mom wrote this time around according to Babel Fish:

Dear Daughter,

Love delay Oh the mom wants going to you.
You report to want the mail send to the mom too much and your heirloom which it waits the money which it hands over you are too much well and the help plentifully becomes in life.
Taeng queue the mom whom it loves..


What does this mean? Usually the "it" is me. And "taeng queue" is my mother phoenetically spelling out "thank you" in korean. Odd.

Here's my tortured, sounded-out translation:


Beloved daughter, I really want to see you.
I miss you and ... something something something.
We spent the check you sent on fun things and it was very welcome.
Thank you. Your loving mother.


So this could mean my mom is coming for a visit next week. I really wouldn't know. I will probably have to call her. Meanwhile, I will answer back to her in Korean using Babel Fish because for some reason that just gives her and my father hours of laughter and enjoyment.

It does what it can.