Wednesday, December 20, 2006

U R Tard

I am not kind. [ed. read the Holiday Meme post]

I am not patient.

Q was able to put together a pretty succinct poster for me.


Other than that - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baton Rouge

It's sunny and 70 something degrees in Baton Rouge. Travel wise, it's been a pretty good trip. No delays, no lost luggage and I got upgraded at my hotel so free drinks, free dinner and free breakfast. OOooo. Anyone want a little sewing kit?

Last night I wanted some cajun cooking but my travel partner wanted sushi. So, we comprised. We went to a sushi restaurant and I got a fried alligator roll. Mmmmmm.

The boy had to spend his birthday with some friends who took him out for Mac and Cheese - errrr... what's up with that?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reformat - Reinstall

The boy decided to brave the waters and reformatted my computer. It was getting ridiculous - one out of every 3 programs stopped working.

Kudos to my wonderful husband who did most of the work and troubleshooting while I napped on our sofa while watching Trading Places (I love that movie).

Right now, I have only the bare bones installed: Windows XP and WoW.

The rest of the junk like MS Office blah blah will come later.

Things that I didn't backup (on purpose):

1. All of my screenshots from all of my games: WoW, DAoC, BW etc. Nostalgia is all fine and good but damn! those pictures took up like 10 gigs!

2. Spyware. Byebye. I'm going to 5 websites on my new computer and that's it!

3. Outlook mail messages more than a year old. Except for email from the boy back when we were first dating. Because some things are too precious.

Wooo. My computer feels a million pounds lighter!