Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Business Trip

I had to go on a business trip. We had the option of taking the company plane but decided to drive the 3 hours to our destination instead. Why you ask? Because we knew what we'd be driving through...

We started out from downtown Portland. Yes, I know. That Mountain does look fake, almost as if it's a backdrop. That's a pretty darn big backdrop.

We drove through National forests and parks....

Now, this is a view. Can you imagine waking up Saturday morning here, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting outside on the deck? I wonder if you ever get used to this sort of view.

Several minutes later, we arrived at our meeting. It's one of those picture perfect resort towns. Quaint and charming. Main street lined with unique shops featuring local artists and family-owned restaurants.

Weather wise, we scored. Smack in the middle of Indian summer...sunny, breezy days.

Oh and the meeting went very well too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Things I Won't Eat

[ed. I was debating on whether or not to include pictures but I opted not to. I don't want my pretty blog covered with such grossness]

1. Anything bug/insect related. If I had to choose between starvation and eating a chocolate covered ant, I'd go jump off a cliff. An example of what I'm talking about here. Man oh man, Koreans are freaks!

2. Anything still alive. Seriously. Why?

3. Stuff that's rotten.

4. Stuff that's just plain gross.

5. Stuff that doesn't taste good.

That's all.