Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Braces *sigh*

One week left. Next Wednesday, I get braces. For the next year and a half, I get to walk around like a middle-aged nerd.

Some might think I'd be more apprehensive about the jaw surgery but that's over a year away. This is happening NEXT week!!

So, what colors to get? Should I go conserative and try to camouflage them with the clear ceramic braces? The girl below has clear on the top row and stainless steel on the bottom. As a general rule of thumb, most orthodontists don't put ceramic on the bottom rows.

Or, how about a little more bling bling? With the gold?

And if I wanted to bust out completely and show a little color, the world is my oyster.


That might be an option for Christmas - Green and Red alternating!