Wednesday, December 20, 2006

U R Tard

I am not kind. [ed. read the Holiday Meme post]

I am not patient.

Q was able to put together a pretty succinct poster for me.


Other than that - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baton Rouge

It's sunny and 70 something degrees in Baton Rouge. Travel wise, it's been a pretty good trip. No delays, no lost luggage and I got upgraded at my hotel so free drinks, free dinner and free breakfast. OOooo. Anyone want a little sewing kit?

Last night I wanted some cajun cooking but my travel partner wanted sushi. So, we comprised. We went to a sushi restaurant and I got a fried alligator roll. Mmmmmm.

The boy had to spend his birthday with some friends who took him out for Mac and Cheese - errrr... what's up with that?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reformat - Reinstall

The boy decided to brave the waters and reformatted my computer. It was getting ridiculous - one out of every 3 programs stopped working.

Kudos to my wonderful husband who did most of the work and troubleshooting while I napped on our sofa while watching Trading Places (I love that movie).

Right now, I have only the bare bones installed: Windows XP and WoW.

The rest of the junk like MS Office blah blah will come later.

Things that I didn't backup (on purpose):

1. All of my screenshots from all of my games: WoW, DAoC, BW etc. Nostalgia is all fine and good but damn! those pictures took up like 10 gigs!

2. Spyware. Byebye. I'm going to 5 websites on my new computer and that's it!

3. Outlook mail messages more than a year old. Except for email from the boy back when we were first dating. Because some things are too precious.

Wooo. My computer feels a million pounds lighter!

Monday, November 06, 2006

So, You Think You Can Dance?

No, not really. But it'll be damn funny trying. Nubcakes and I have decided to take up salsa dancing! We opted for private lessons over group classes because well... we're not quite into public humiliation. Also, we'd be a terrible distraction to the class... what with the boy farting every 5 minutes and me laughitg hysterically while yelling out "What stinks? Who did that?!"

I jest, Nubcakes. I JEST!

But eventually, we'll be a finely tuned, dancing machine. And then we can wear outfits like this. Muhahaha.

The guy's shirt ... just ... wow. Seriously. Wow.

It would be spendiforous to be able to dance like this..

Monday, October 23, 2006

I <3 Traveling

After 8 hours, I arrived in WI last night. Unfortunately, my suitcase decided to stay and party in Chicago.

You would think that after years and years of being in business, airlines would have figured out simple things like how to take a suitcase from point A to point B. I've heard the statistics about how 99.2% of all luggage gets to their destination without any issues. Uh huh. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times now.

I think their stats are screwed up. That or some luggage handlers have me on their "list".

I was finally reunited with my underwear, toothbrush and clothing late this morning. Went back to the airport to meet up with my coworker and found out that his flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems.

He's enroute now but won't be arriving for another 5 hours. So, he'll get in some time tonight around 10 pm. That means we're about 8 hours behind schedule. Because after he arrives, we have a 4 hour drive to Northern Michigan. And since we're crossing over timezones, we'll arrive at our hotel around 3 am. Just in time to unpack and get back up at 6 am for our morning meetings.

I'm going to try to take a nap now. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Road Trip!

My car is back at the dealer. They're investigating the cause of the creaking sound in the back seat. *sigh* So they gave us a loaner car in the interim - a Z4.

Umm. Sporty convertible cars suck. They're tiny, have terrible visibility and you can feel every bump in the road. Me no likey.

As soon as we drove off the dealer lot, the boy yelled out "Road Trip!" What is it about rental or loaner cars that bring out the reckless, road warrior in all of us? Let's scratch it up, let's rack up a million miles, let's go off roading with it! Odd.


Speaking of road trips, I'm going on one in a few days. Northern Michigan. Well, getting there will be via plane but unfortunately, my clients are in the middle of nowhere. 4 hour drives daily for 5 days. What is up with that?! I need a raise.

And it's snowing there.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Make A Request!

So I have a spiffy new smart/pda phone. Here's a picture of an object on my desk at work.

Put in a request for a picture and I'll upload it here... as long as it won't get me in trouble.

Update: Ocho requested that I take a picture of the deli/soup I get regularly. Well, I felt like bento today. No soup, Ocho. But this was yummier - chicken teriyaki with sushi, salad and miso soup.

It tasted much better than it looks - the colors look faded and washed out here. I need a new phone!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Saga Begins

In a galaxy near, near to us ... one Lego obsessed husband walked into a toy store and pointed to the Imperial Star Destroyer.

“I WANT THAT ONE”, he said.
An hour later, back at home, a brief struggle ensued to see who would build it first. In the end, he won (but I would have my satisfaction).

Giddy with excitement, he cleared a space to begin his creation, nicknaming the dining room table "Lego Command Center One". Then he slowly opened the box and pulled out package after package of parts.

He rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Hours passed. A steady stream of grunts and the occasional  “Neato!” punctuated the silence. Slowly, the skeleton of the Imperial Star Destroyer took shape.

It was shortly after this that we realized a Truth. This thing is freaking HUGE!

Once the framework was in place, James began the laborious task of building the plates that covered the top and bottom. This was divided in four sections. Here it is with the first plate mounted to the underside of the Destroyer.

Also note the giant thrusters. They elicited a "COOL" from the very pleased builder.

With the addition of the top plates, the sleek lines of the ship became immediately recognizable.

After days of intensive building, the boy wearily rose from his chair to take a break. "I'm going to play soccer!", he yelled and left Lego Command Center One.

Big mistake.

Here's where revenge reared its floraly head.

If you can't make out what those colorful dots are, here's a close-up.

Despite solid arguments that this was in fact an IMPROVEMENT, he remained adamant that the Star Destroyer was not designed to be cute. Off came the flowers.

A week later, the end was in sight. The ship was moved to a new location, "Lego Docking Station Two" while he continued construction of the remaining pieces at the Command Center.

This ship takes up the full diameter of our kitchen table - which seats 4. To stay it's large is an understatement.

After seeing the tedious, repetitive steps necessary to build this thing, I've decided to take a pass on putting it together myself. At least for the next few months. I told him that we should at least put the Darth Vadar Lego minifig on the top of the ship, but all I heard was "blah blah, blah, not to scale, blah blah blah"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Business Trip

I had to go on a business trip. We had the option of taking the company plane but decided to drive the 3 hours to our destination instead. Why you ask? Because we knew what we'd be driving through...

We started out from downtown Portland. Yes, I know. That Mountain does look fake, almost as if it's a backdrop. That's a pretty darn big backdrop.

We drove through National forests and parks....

Now, this is a view. Can you imagine waking up Saturday morning here, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting outside on the deck? I wonder if you ever get used to this sort of view.

Several minutes later, we arrived at our meeting. It's one of those picture perfect resort towns. Quaint and charming. Main street lined with unique shops featuring local artists and family-owned restaurants.

Weather wise, we scored. Smack in the middle of Indian summer...sunny, breezy days.

Oh and the meeting went very well too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Things I Won't Eat

[ed. I was debating on whether or not to include pictures but I opted not to. I don't want my pretty blog covered with such grossness]

1. Anything bug/insect related. If I had to choose between starvation and eating a chocolate covered ant, I'd go jump off a cliff. An example of what I'm talking about here. Man oh man, Koreans are freaks!

2. Anything still alive. Seriously. Why?

3. Stuff that's rotten.

4. Stuff that's just plain gross.

5. Stuff that doesn't taste good.

That's all.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Soccer - The Non World Cup Way

The boy plays soccer. *refrain from any comments here* Twice a week, our vent group will hear him say, "Okay, I'm off to play soccer!". There's usually a chorus of "Good lucks!".

2 hours later, he returns all sweaty and smelly. Showers are mandatory. Then back on vent, the gang will ask "What was the score?" .. to which he will answer, "We lost 2 - 11".

But the boy loves his soccer. Here's an action shot for all you doubters (one of two games I actually attended). He's in the orange jersey #28 ... just covering the crap out of the guy in blue.

Now, I love my boy and he has mad skillz but let me say something about his league. It's not like watching the World Cup. BUT it is entertaining in it's own way.


I have a little nephew and niece whom I have yet to meet. Work or something has always gotten in the way of visiting and they're little people now. I missed their baby stage completely. Which might explain why I latched on to Eric and Jessica's baby Quin. Although, in all fairness to Quin, that kid's facial makeup is freaking adorable.

This is Nathaniel. He's pretty cute as well. Odd since my brother is so homely looking.

In Korea, after the first 100 days of a baby's life, there's a big celebration. Probably because the infant mortality rate was so high back in the "olden days". Hmm. That sounds right. I could call my mom and verify but then I'd have to listen to a long list of "Why don't you come up and visit anymore?" type questions. [ed. Okay, I googled this and I am indeed correct].

So, at the child's 100th day celebration, tons of people turn out, loads of food and gifts... and the kids are dressed in traditional Korean garb. This is the male version:

Pretty dorky. Actually, if the boy and I had gotten married in a traditional Korean ceremony, he would have worn something similar. Minus the little black hood. The hood is only worn by single men. And if you wear the hood backwards, it means you're gangsta cool or a"gangpeh".

This is what the traditional Korean wedding ceremony clothing looks like. How hot would my boy look in this?

It's always been a dream of my mom to host an official post-wedding party back in Toronto in front of all her friends and family (we did the Justice of the Peace thing back in 2000). Even though we've been married for over 6 years, she still talks about this... talking about what color would look best on the boy, what color I would like etc.

I suggested pale pink for the boy. *grin* My dress? I want black (of course), strewn with tiny, tiny white flower blossoms all over the bottom and trailing gently up. Mom says red needs to be in there though since it's a good luck color.

One day, one day. I made her a promise.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Return to Normal - Sorta

The things you take for granted - restful, sleep-filled nights, pain-free days ... even drinking a cup of coffee...

Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

My "vacation" was spent shuttling from doctor to specialist in between doing hours of work every day. My phone rang every single day with some work emergency - my home phone.

Gee. I wonder why I'm stressed.


You know what I am strangely addicted to? Blog sites of Westerners living in foreign lands who write and post pics of daily life and cuisine in places like Vietnam, Malaysia, China etc. It's kind of like the Iron Chef but with a slice of culture and wittier commentary.

Some of the food looks wonderful while others churn my stomach (seriously, who would want to eat blood soup?)

Here's some of my favorites: (written by a local) (written by a white guy who's been living in Vietnam for a while). (this one takes place in Korea - my birthplace! And even I have to admit that some of the food is questionable ... but most of the time, it makes me nostalagic for my mom's cooking).

The lack of cleanliness in some of these countries gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course, my poor vegetarian, animal-loving husband would just about faint walking down any of these alleys littered with the wares from local butchers. So, they'll never be places we'll be able to visit.

But it's still fascinating, nonetheless. And it gives me perspective. Life is what you make of it. It can be great cooking on the side of a busy street making pennies a day ... and it can be great sitting in an air-conditioned office in less than perfect health.

Happiness is a state of mind - if you tell yourself that enough, the hope is you start to believe it.

Maybe I should do a slice of life blog about Portland? Gee. Unfortunately, it's not like Portland is soooo super exotic. It's probably one of the more wholesome places I've ever lived. Boooring. I tried to blog about WoW for a while but even that petered out. After all, there's only so much of the same thing you can complain about before you run out of material.

Maybe I can grab certain pictures or items from around the different blog sites and write about them here! A blog about blogs?! Hmm. I like that idea. Any comments?

From Fatman in Seoul:

I remember the first time I went back to Korea, I was 17. Overwhelming would be an adequate description. So would suffocating. New York has nothing on Seoul, Saigan, Hong Kong etc.

Yes, people do still sit on the floor. I haven't been back since I was a teenager, but there were tons of tables/chair restaurants as well. I guess it's more of a decor thing now. I remember growing up when we had huge parties, my mother would roll out this beautiful, round, giant laquered black table that would fold up (same height as the above tables) and about 15 people could sit around it.

Ah the food. I know a lot of people think that Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese foods are all similar. But they couldn't be more wrong. It's like saying that French food is just like Italian food because ... well, they're geographically close and the people are white. Ha~

Korean food comes with side dishes called "pan-chan". The quantity, quality and type will vary greatly from place to place. And they're free (or at least embedded in the price of the meal). You can, within reason of course, ask for free refills.

Don't ask me what all this stuff is - Fatman can do it better - but the usual suspects in most side dishes are kimchi (the pickled spicy cabbage), bean sprouts, spinach, some fish, potatoes etc.

This is my soul food. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Been Preoccupied

I have not been feeling well. I'll probably be away for the next few weeks/months.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Return of the Lego!

So, we're back into our lego hobby after a short hiatus which was brought on by a sudden jolt of reality. In order to build the castle we wanted, we needed to buy about $3K in lego. Needless to say, it took us aback.

But, we've bounced back! I just bought this:

It's HUGE!! Almost 1700 pieces. I spent a few hours on it last night and am 2% of the way through. Most of the time was spent hunting for the appropriate piece though.

And now we've decided to build all of our Star Wars models and see what that looks like. Maybe I should paint a Space background for it!! and try to suspend some of the fighters in the air.

OOOh, we so need to buy the Death Star. That thing is enormous.


There's a sandcastle competition going on in the main town square. I have a great view of it from our offices. I need a camera phone.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I think it's time for a vacation. My crankiness factor just keeps going up and up and up. High time to take a break.

I read all of them and I think this one suits me best. Thank you, everyone for your suggestions that the "Power" and "Arrogance" descriptions also fit me. I have filed them away for you to poop on later.

Which one is you?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Braces *sigh*

One week left. Next Wednesday, I get braces. For the next year and a half, I get to walk around like a middle-aged nerd.

Some might think I'd be more apprehensive about the jaw surgery but that's over a year away. This is happening NEXT week!!

So, what colors to get? Should I go conserative and try to camouflage them with the clear ceramic braces? The girl below has clear on the top row and stainless steel on the bottom. As a general rule of thumb, most orthodontists don't put ceramic on the bottom rows.

Or, how about a little more bling bling? With the gold?

And if I wanted to bust out completely and show a little color, the world is my oyster.

That might be an option for Christmas - Green and Red alternating!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Butt Massage

Today is the day we go live with one of our projects. Weeks and weeks of meetings, long hours, conference calls etc... all boils down to today.

After a solid week of headaches and terrible lower back pain, I decided to book myself a 90 minute massage last night.

The masseuse was able to locate the source of all my lower back ache - it's in my butt. Apparently, I have a pain in the ass. Anyways, she probably spent about 30 minutes massaging various parts of my butt. And did it ever hurt.

Here's how the conversation went:

Masseuse: "Wow, it's really tight here..."
Me: *grunt*
Masseuse: "Yup, really tight. You could say you have a tight ...ass"
Me: Har har.
Masseues: "Sorry, massage humor. I guess you hold all your stress and tension in your bum." *presses down hard*
Me: Owie.

Great. My ass is a conduit for stress and tension. And here's the thing about getting your butt massaged. It's hard to relax - completely. For obvious reasons.

For the record, it did help a lot with the lower back pain.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Spring Resolutions!

Spring is like New Years – I get weird urges to clean and start fresh!

Time for...

Spring Cleaning. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna go Martha – do a complete rehaul of every drawer, cupboard and closet.

It could happen. Yesterday, I had a labeling and shredding orgy. My little pocket label maker and I spent about 4 hours labeling and sorting a backlog of bills, letters and receipts. And when I mean backlog – I mean backlog – stuff from 2004. Whatever wasn’t filed away was shredded. 5 bags of confetti.

The fact that I’m bored of WoW and CoV/CoH makes me dizzy bodes well for my cleaning extravaganza. Poor James.

And time to …

Start cooking and eating healthy. If you know us at all, you know we don’t cook or eat in. But that’s all going to stop tonight!

Once again, I hope to channel Martha and become a master of simple yet elegant meals that are low in fat but high in taste and nutritional value. :P

And of course, hit the gym. La la~

What do you like to do in Spring?

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Brief Getaway From The Everyday Hustle

Or so we thought.

The Inn of the Four Winds is quaint. Directly overlooking the beach with lovely vistas.

And there's a condo that's being built right next door. We didn't think about it too much... until this morning..

Bang! Bang! Clang! Clang! Whrrrrrr.

Oh, you're kidding me.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going. Insane

Too. Much. Work.

I've been at work since 6:30 am - it's past 5 pm now. I've had a grand total of 6 meetings, including a presentation for our company during our quarterly employee luncheon. For that, I was given approximately a 5 seconds heads up that I'd be presenting.

CEO: Did you want to come up here and brief everyone on your division's accomplishments this quarter?

Me: *mouth full of cake*. Oh. Sure, if you'd like me to.

Various unhelpful co-workers: Yeah! Make her talk.

It was one of those - do I have spinach in my teeth? I forgot to touch up my make up, my shirt is all wrinkled - moments. That, and I didn't know what was on the powerpoint slides since my boss made some last minute changes to the presentation. He was off-site at another meeting. Lucky me.

By the way, I hate public speaking. It's right up there with having my eyes ripped out of my sockets. I have been known to vomit prior to a speaking engagement in front of a large audience.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hissy Fit Has Subsided

Alas all previous blog posts and comments have been permanently deleted.

PMS and stress are the debil.