Thursday, January 03, 2013

What Every Meal Is Like

From Teddy's POV:
Hi mom! So glad you're home! What's for dinner? I'm starving!

What's going on here? I see there's a place setting for me but where's my fooooood?!

Ohmygoshisthatpizza?!! I LOVE PIZZA! It's my MOST. FAVORITEST. FOOD. EVER!!

Hey. Umm. I'm hungry. Are you gonna eat that?! Did I mention how hungry I am? And how much I love pizza?! Mom?!?

Wow, I can't believe that someone just left this delicious pizza unattended just to go get some water! Fools!! Well, it's a shame to let this go to waste.


  1. Earlier today I told Cindy that she was teaching Teddy bad habits by feeding him at the table. I then corrected myself by telling Teddy that he was teach Cindy bad habits by being cute.

  2. Hey guys I enjoy reading your blog for all the Lego posts and I had a general question: I remember reading one of your older entries where you said that you only display Lego models if they have some artistic/sculptural appeal so my question is since you guys buy a ton of smaller sets such as ninjago

  3. Contd.. My question is what do you guys do with the smaller sets that you buy? Do you build them once and store them away? Or do you display those as well?

    1. This is a source of debate in our house. For the smaller sets, after we build them once, they're bagged, labelled and stored away.

      They're almost never displayed and James wants to either part them out or sell them. It might get to that point one day.