Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bad Mommy

Last year, I bought Lucy a little Santa outfit. She barely tolerated it and just lay there.

The other day, we were in a pet store and saw the most. adorable. outfit. ever. Happily, Teddy is a much better sport!

Teddy, the red nosed reindeer.

Something about this hat just cracks me up. It looks like a reindeer muppet with a big black mouth!

I am a baaad mommy

I wish I could have video'd Lucy's response to seeing Teddy with his antlers. She was not amused. But I do have this!


  1. I wish we can get our bunny those costumes. Her ears become a hassle when it comes to costumes :)

    We do have a dress for her :)

    1. The hats have little ear holes so they might work with your bunny!

      Don't tell her I said anything though.

  2. That cat has no idea what kind of costumes is in his future... hopefully he doesn't blame me and poop on my pillow!