Friday, August 17, 2012

Photos Of A Black Cat

The boy is lucky enough to work from home and so I pester him for photos of Teddy throughout the day. I know all too well how brief this stage is and I want to cherish every moment.

But it's pretty freaking hard to photograph a black cat. Especially a little blur of a black cat. Since the last photo of Lucy, James has come a long way in his skills but he still needed a few pointers.

Here are some photos he took this week:

1. Avoid flash. Unless you know how to use a flash properly and have the ability to bounce the light softly off the subject, you just end up with washed out photos like this:

2. Black on black. In fairness, he had spent a few minutes looking for the little monster and finally found Teddy on my black mouse pad on my black desk.

3. Focusing. The AF lock feature on the iPhone is pretty handy and yes, I know it's hard to take in focus photos when everyone is moving.

4. But when they're finally still and looking mighty cute, maybe not having a finger in the frame would help.

I took the same iPhone he used all week (and for all of the above photos) and snapped this last night. My Teddybear Monkeybutt Sauron. I love this little thing to pieces.

Teddybear Monkeybutt


  1. This does not encourage me to take more photos for you...

    1. I take it all back. These are breathtakingly amazing photos!!!