Monday, July 02, 2012


Let me explain.

I grew up in the 80's - the decade of permed, feathered, and teased hair. Not only was it normal, it was everything I wanted my hair to be. I wrote about my love of wavy, curly hair and the yearly perms.

It's been super straight for the past few years and I finally had enough. Sorry, James.


  1. !!!!

    I think I need to see more pictures. Or maybe in person? We're moving to San Francisco. That's a bit closer to you, right?

    1. I'll post more when the hack job I did on my bangs grows out.

      San Fran is marginally closer. You are now a 12 hour drive away as opposed to 17 hours.

      But it is closer to some of our favorite places on the West Coast - Carmel and Monterey. We try to go down there once a year.