Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Magic Eraser Is Magical

I love the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Love it. It's the only thing that gets scuff marks off paint without removing or discoloring the paint. I use it for everything.

And I discovered its ultimate purpose. Lego + Sharpie = garbage. Most of the time. I tried scrubbing off marks with a kitchen sponge but all that did was scratch the plastic. I also tried a few other chemical approaches but they never got the Lego completely clean.

Until I tried the Magic Eraser. It was effortless.

My trusty assistant helped me with this video - as you can see, he's not scrubbing hard (but he did have trouble holding the brick steady - I should have used a bigger one) and it only took a few seconds.


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  1. I love how this has turned into your Lego blog. In other news, I now officially live closer to you! I already dislike the hills here.