Thursday, June 21, 2012

Untag Me

I've been meaning to post a Lucy update. It's hard to believe we've had her for almost a year - time has just flown by. Gone is the tiny, grey fluffball who snuggled in my lap for hours *sniff*. But now we have a sweet, loving if slightly imperious little cat who is the apple of our eyes.

She still loves her blue bag and I'll often find this little head peering out at me. She's such a pretty little thing - it's so hard to take a bad photo of her. Or so I thought.

Lucy and her bag

The other day, while I was talking to the boy on the phone, he mentioned that Lucy was sunning herself in a sunbeam. "Take a photo", I asked. Alas, I forgot about his secret super power - taking the worst photos ever.

I don't know he does it but somehow a camera in his hands is akin to a deadly weapon. Lest you think I exaggerate, I present to you...

Cat sunning herself in a sunbeam.

Damn Paparazzi



  1. Bah! Unfair!

    Everyone takes bad pictures. I never sent you this one, you were just rifling through my phone!

    1. The camera roll on your phone is a graveyard of worst. photos. ever.