Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Sexy

I was looking around our living room a week or so ago and thought to myself, "this room needs a large, grey triangle". So we drove off to the Lego store and brought home the UCS Super Star Destroyer. Which shouldn't be mistaken with the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer. Although one may ask how many large grey Lego triangles does one need? At least 3 is the answer.

Also - yuck on the photos of the ISD! So glad my camera and photo taking skills have improved. Though it was fun to see how much of the dining room has changed/stayed the same over the years.

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

One thing we noticed right away was how organized it was - numbered bags within numbered boxes. This made it MUCH easier to sort and build. Almost too easy.

UCS: SSD Opening the box

UCS: SSD Numbered bags

This also helped take up a lot less room so I was able to do a side build of Joker's Funhouse. And we still had room to spare!

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

Stats on the SSD: it's 19,000 meters long and has a crew of over 200,000.

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

I really like the look of the greeblings (yes, that's a word) - those are all the little doodads. They add texture and dimension to an otherwise flat and grey surface.

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

And here it is complete, safe and sound in its place of honor. It's so looooong and lean and takes up the entire length of the coffee table.

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

I have often wondered what purpose coffee tables serve and now I know. It's for displaying ridiculously large Lego models.

UCS: Super Star Destroyer

Overall build impressions from James (he built it first):

It was a quick build which was a little disappointing especially given its price. Definitely, one of the reasons why it went so quickly (compared to the ISD) was because the bags were organized. There wasn't a lot of time spent pre-sorting. You just went right to the building. Which is both good and bad.

The design is fairly solid. Much more so than the ISD which was a joke - that thing fell apart if you looked at it funny. I had no problems moving the SSD from the dining room table to the coffee table.

Overall, the build experience was enjoyable - it wasn't too repetitive (again, unlike the ISD which had you build 22 of this or that). Although it's impressive, I don't think it's a very attractive ship. It's a giant slab of grey. This is why I prefer the #8039 Venator because it has some dark red to break up the monotony.

I have to disagree with James. I think the SSD is absolutely freaking gorgeous!


  1. Hmm... we need more coffee tables!

  2. I always liked the look of the Executor compared to the others, very impressive leading the imperial fleet. Kind of silly how easy it was to take out though, one crashed ship into the bridge and whammo...lame!

    1. Seemed to me that all of the ships (and Death Stars) in the Imperial fleet had an Achilles heel. I call it bad design! LOL.

  3. I loved this ship in the movie, very elegant, much like the Imperial Shuttle. But a $400 all gray ship is not too appealing to me. When I see it at the LEGO Store displayed near the VW Bus, Pet Shop, etc - the detail in the others sets really comes through. This one is like a sculpture, but nothing more. Looks great on your coffee table though! Likely, it needs room to breathe when displayed - not jumped against a bunch of other LEGO sets as I would have to display it. Thanks!

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