Monday, January 16, 2012

Function Over Form

I gave in. As much as I wanted to keep the LEGO room looking like an actual room with furniture and hidden storage, it just didn't work.

Until recently, we were able to hide away our loose LEGO in the closet. We bought a free standing metal shelf and packed everything away out of sight. But it was a pain, sliding those doors back and forth, and it was highly inefficient. Anything in the middle of the closet was impossible to retrieve and there was a ton of wasted space.

Lego Storage

We needed a new shelving solution. Although I have always leaned towards the stackable Sterilite drawers (Nannan's storage is a thing of beauty), the boy does not. His main objection is how to further divide up each drawer to hold multiple bricks, plates etc. That makes sense, I guess. Also, by now, we've sunk way too much money into these containers, it doesn't make sense to switch systems now.

The first thing we did was remove the closet doors. We bought wall mounted shelving - Closetmaid - from Home Depot. Despite being told that 4 rails would be overkill, we wanted to make the shelves as secure as possible. So that meant buying a top bar, 4 rails, 4 shelves and 16 brackets. I don't think people realize how heavy LEGO is in large quantities.

Each rail is screwed into a stud as an added measure.

Wall Mounted Shelving

It might be hard to see the brackets in this picture - they have a fairly small footprint. Which is great, since it means you can stack more bins. The brackets were the most expensive part of this system since we erred on the side of caution and bought 4 for each shelf.

Wall Mounted Shelving

And here it is...out in the open. We won't be able to hide anything now but it's sooo much more accessible and bright! Let's hope it stays this neat and tidy because otherwise, it'll look like crap. The best part is all the extra space we gained.

Wall Mounted Shelving

This probably took us about an hour to do total. No cutting (we had Home Depot cut the shelves down to size at the store), some minor drilling (for the top rail and pilot holes in the studs) and that was it.

The rest of the room is slowly getting back on track and at least we can walk inside without knocking things over. The other project I've been working on is storing the LEGO instructions books. That's almost done as well. And then maybe finally, I can get back to building!


  1. Very nice! You could buy some inexpensive curtains if you wanted to cover the closet storage.

  2. I think it is great the way it is... but it you really wanted to be able to hide it, i would go with bamboo shades that could be pulled up... just sayin

  3. Also, a shower rod and shower curtain work well too. I did that with my closet in the last house because I hate those sliding doors.


  4. Where did you buy the stack able containers with dividers?