Sunday, January 08, 2012

Full Disclosure

[ed: I'll return with more updates about Nicole's store and the rebuilding process.]

I get a lot of questions about my LEGO room - "what furniture did we buy, how do I keep it so neat and organized". Umm. Maybe it was that way for a minute back in the summer but in the spirit of full disclosure, my "neat and organized" LEGO room that started out like this...


Now looks like this - after we went out and bought over 200lbs of LEGO on Craigslist and a million different sets. Yup. Took this from the door because I was leery about stepping inside.

LEGO Room after Christmas chaos

James took a few steps in and knocked over an open container. Shortly after we expanded our collection, I started a new job and the boy got slammed at work. Then the holidays arrived and it was easier to shove everything into the room and close the door.

LEGO room

Ugh. So, we made a decision - we can't open any more boxes and build any more sets until this room is in order. Organize first - build later.

As a result, this taunts us.

Christmas LEGO Haul


  1. Cindy said "no more opening boxes", then a new Batman set arrives and 2 more boxes have been opened so she can play with the minifigs...

    She also decided to take these pics while we are in the middle of the cleanup process. This involves me breaking down the sets while she finishes the one she is working on (Village Mill Raid).

    This also meant that she had to post and comment on the pics, check facebook, play with the cat and other things.

    No wonder it takes so long for her to finish a set! Which is actually good for me, since I get to build other sets in the meantime, but it's not good for the cleanup process.

  2. HEY! In my defense... hmm.

    Well, you knew how much I was looking forward to the Super Heroes line. I think it goes without saying that they deserved an exemption.