Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Displaying LEGO

With all this LEGO, you'd think we'd have it on every available surface. Well, during the sorting/organizing process, we do. Mostly on our dining room table which is still covered but for the rest of the house, we generally only display sets that have some artistic or sculptural merit. Or ones that we just plain love.

I very much doubt that we will ever have Atlantis or Alien Conquest sets on our coffee table but that's okay - it's why we have a Lego room!

This is view of our main family room. It's open to the kitchen and breakfast nook and we spend most of our waking hours here. And that white ship on the console table is the UCS Imperial Shuttle. I had to roll the wings all the way up (they spread out as well) so it would fit the space but I think it blends in nicely.

UCS Imperial Shuttle

This is one of my personal favorites - the Slave 1 #6209 released in 2006. There's a newer version that came out with different colors but I prefer the original. I had problems displaying this one properly since it doesn't stand up the way the ship actually flies. Luckily, I found some stand designs from Flickr and built my own.

Slave 1 on display

And of course, minifigure display cases. We bought another 6 cases to fill out the wall display - each case holds about 100 minifigures. I'll be working on that soon.

LEGO Minifigure display

So, overall, not that bad, right?! You wouldn't know that crazy Lego obssessed people live here. *cough cough*


  1. I like visiting your blog in anticipation of reading more about your LEGO collection!

  2. Well then, I must continue to add to my LEGO collection in order to have new and interesting photos/posts!

    I'm on it, Kaykay!


  3. I somehow found your blog a week or so ago. Love all the LEGO collection / room updates ! My son (almost 9) has not quite as many LEGOS as you/your husband do, but very close and I've been contemplating on how to better organize/store them. He's got them separated by color right now and the collection pieces are s till put together (all theHarry Potter series) and he's trying his best to get as many Star Wars collectibles (he just put together the Millieneum Falcon during Christmas break). And, we may do a Lego birthday party in March :) I love the minifigure display cases - may have to do that in his room !!

    1. Man, I need a LEGO themed birthday party!! LOL I think there a cake mold in the shape of a giant LEGO brick if you were so inclined. Check Pinterest!

      There may come a time when your little boy is no longer interested in LEGO (sad day) and you can do one of 2 things:

      1. Store them away hoping he will come back to his senses in his early adulthood. This period is known as the "Dark Ages" in the LEGO community. Heehee. I know, I know. But honestly, that's exactly what it feels like.

      2. Sell them. As long as you keep them clean (and there are no bite marks) and intact (with the instruction books), there's no reason why you shouldn't sell sets for a fair bit more then when you bought them.

    2. I remember my dark ages. Those were some dark days indeed!

      I love your displays! I wanna display my Deep Freeze Defender (6973) in this fashion.

  4. Can you please share the dimensions of minifigure display? Regards

    1. I wrote a post with detailed instructions on how to build the minifig display case.

      These particular cases are 18 x 24.