Tuesday, November 29, 2011

James and The Bus

This is for Ian, who seems to think this blog is dedicated to waxing poetic about my husband. I just wanted to point out what the true purpose is...

Remember the kilt? Keep this in the back of your mind as we walk down memory lane.


And remember the time he signed up for Zumba before he knew what Zumba was? I think this is my single biggest regret in life - that I wasn't there to watch or record it. It still keeps me up at night.

But back to his fashion choices. If you thought the kilt extravaganza could be explained away as the follies of youth, think again. Spandex.

The man knows how to rock some sunglasses.

His come hither look.

Yup. This one always gets me. James is the one wearing the manly powder blue bow tie and cummerbund..

One time, he forgot to fill up the tank in the car and I wrote this post and uploaded this photo. I didn't really need an excuse - this pink tank top is solid gold.

There's more, a whole lot more - I mean, there's all his Renaissance Faire years!!

James at Ren Faire

You see?!

There he is.

My husband.

Hmm. I guess Ian was right after all. Because seeing all these photos reminded me how amazing and funny he is. I adore you, James. My best boy.

James @17


  1. Wow... she did this to me while I was out filling up the car with gas for her.

  2. I would ask what you were wearing when you filled up the tank, but to be honest I'm not sure I want to know.....


  3. Un-nee - this was sheer brilliance.

    James....I literally have no words. :)