Saturday, September 10, 2011

Point And Shoot

Once you go DSLR, you never go back. Right? Not quite. Although truthfully, when I first got my Canon Rebel, I was so amazed by the range of features that I wanted to throw my Point and Shoot in the garbage. But I didn't because it was super small and therefore portable and it had video. Terrible video, but still.

I'm eventually going to upgrade to a Canon 7D but James won't let me until I take some classes and actually learn about aperture, exposure etc. I don't blame him. Meanwhile, we have a new kitty in the house and that demanded some HD videos. Thank goodness for the internet - a few hours of research, we decided upon the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V.

All of the Lucy videos have been taken with the new Cybershot. And I've just started playing with some of the advanced photo modes.

Look! Aperture settings! Well, kind can select background blurriness from low, medium to high. Not quite the same thing as setting the f-stop to an exact number but this is super quick and fairly idiot proof. The quality of the photo speaks for itself (I dusted that table after each shot - the dust particles in 16 megapixels look gigantic).

Also, settings like "Low Light" take a lot of the exposure guesswork out. This was taken at 5:30 pm in our dining room with some overhead lighting but it looks like it was taken in daylight.

Oh, and this is how we organize our Lego. Down to each individual element and color. All of these containers, labeled and organized by group - they bring a smile to my face.

I still plan on getting the 7D but this little camera will be a perfect complement.

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and joining in on the Friday Fives!

    My boys used to LOVE Legos!!!