Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lucy In The Sky

**update: She tucked into my lap and finally, finally purred. Music to my ears. **

With diamonds.

After much debate, we brought home a tiny furball to love. It's been a sad few years watching our home go from three kitties to just one - TJ has been rather lonely.

And I've had kittens on the brain for months and months. We went over the many, many cons of bringing in such a young cat at this point (oh the furniture!) but then we went to the Oregon Humane Society and that was that.

We spent time with dozens of little kittens, some shy, some extremely hyper but I kept coming back to this little girl. James thinks it's going to be a tough adjustment for the both of us. She's too quiet, she's too shy, she doesn't purr, she doesn't seem to play. But she is calm and sweet and I would much rather live with that then a little furry Tasmanian devil.

And tiny...teeny-tiny-weenie. Her yellow stuffed companion is about the size of a paperback book.


  1. Is that a puffalump? I loved mine when I was a kid.

  2. OMG, MEGAN!!

    Yes, that is a Puffalump!!! And his name is actually Mr. Puffalump because well, I thought it was a perfect name (and still do).

    He's extremely lightweight so Lucy doesn't mind him sleeping on top.

  3. Here's another photo of Mr.Puffalump.

    He's had that bit of loose string near his nose for over 25 years but I've never gotten around to cutting it.

    I think he looks even funnier this way.

  4. And kittens are way cheaper than babies!