Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Epic LEGO Win

UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. The stats: 8 ft long. 180 lbs. 43,000 LEGO pieces @ an estimated $10-12,000. 3.5 months to build. The designer is working with engineers to create a guide/instruction book. We've started saving NOW.

Venator Class Star Destoyer.


  1. I think we should stop calling it our dining room table.

    It's really our Lego table that occasionally has food on it!

  2. Just when I thought your lego addictions couldn't get worse.... :)
    I ended up giving most of my lego to Nathaniel.

  3. What?!?!? You awful, awful girl! You would ignore your own sister for some little boy who would really love playing with all that Lego?!

    I can't even tell James. He would freak out!

  4. LOL....I think you had most of the pieces, except for maybe Jabba's sail barge.