Saturday, September 24, 2011

Craigslist: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Misspelled Words

I've written past tutorials on Craigslist and the art of selling successfully in my 101 and 101 Part 2 write ups. This last week, I conducted a little experiment to see if my tips really made a difference. I saw yet another ad for bulk LEGO using the Craigslist photo uploading service and it looked something like this.

There were 3 more frustratingly small and unhelpful photos attached. But the price was reasonable at $50. No other description was provided and we couldn't really make out what we were buying but we decided to take a chance. It turned out to be a decent haul at around 20 lbs of LEGO and we went through our usual cleaning process, adding in a dishwasher rinse cycle as well. Then we threw out all the non/fake LEGO which left us with 14 lbs which was a bit disappointing.

But it wasn't Star Wars LEGO. Lots of Classic Space and other great pieces but really, not things that interested us and I didn't have the energy or interest to keep it. So, I decided to re-Craigslist it. Only this time, I included lots of description and bright, full photos like this:

Lego Sorting

And closeups of the Minifigures, wheels, plates, etc.


And I changed the asking price to $85. It sold within several hours of posting to a very happy couple with a 9 year old boy.

On a completely different note, I had one of these for breakfast a few days ago. My arteries are still recovering.

Biscuits, fried chicken, bacon and gravy.