Monday, September 19, 2011

Arrrgh Matey: Craigslist Bounty Continued

Today is International talk like a Pirate day. Not sure why we need a day like this but I'm pretty good at it. I just try to speak Elizabethan and out comes pirate gibberish instead. Of course, this disgusts my Renaissance Faire connoisseur husband.

Anyways, last weekend we stumbled across an amazing Lego find on Craigslist. I shared some photos of the washing, drying and sorting process. In addition to the 20 lbs of loose Lego, we bought 3 used sets. James rebuilt them to make sure there were no missing pieces.

This is the Trade Federation MTT (7662) originally released in August 2007 for $99.99. It has been subsequently retired and new in box, sells for over $500 on Amazon and eBay. The used version sells for about $180. We got ours for $50.

Trade Federation MTT 7662

Unfortunately, it's not 100% complete. There are about 8 special battle droids missing but since we don't intend to resell, it shouldn't be a problem.

Trade Federation MTT 7662

This is the Tantive IV (10198) aka Rebel Blockade Runner. It was the ship that carried Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 in Star Wars: A New Hope. Originally released in 2009 for $149.99, it has yet to be retired so you can still purchase it for the retail price. We paid around $50 but it is missing all the mini-figs (about 5 of them).

Tantive IV

Kind of an awkward looking ship but it has lots of fun compartments and escape pods and the thrusters are pretty cool.

Tantive IV Thrusters

There's still another ship from the Craigslist bounty but I haven't photographed it yet. Instead for your viewing pleasure, two different Lego AT-AT. The one in front is the Motorized Walking AT-AT (10178) release date 2007 for $129.99 - now currently sells for around $250 NIB. The one in the back is the AT-AT (4483) release date 2003 for $99.99 - now sells NIB for $550 and used for $200.

AT-AT Walker and the motorized version

Aren't they gorgeous? I just need some kind of Ice Planet Hoth background to take some proper photos.



  1. Arr, that be a lot of nice lego booty, as well as some might pretty pictures ye land lubber!

  2. Let us away and henceforth go swiftly.