Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silver Falls = Wet Pants

It only took 11 years of living in Oregon but we've finally realized there's a wealth of natural beauty to explore. So, we turned off the TV, hung up our MMO hats and headed outside (part of our eating clean and P90X plan - more on that in another post).

So, every weekend, rain or shine, we've been hitting the trails and exploring what's possibly the greenest, "waterfalliest" (yes, that's a new word) state in the country. We started slow and easy, mostly for my benefit since the boy is a soccer playing idjit, going through Forest Park and the surrounding areas. Then we started branching out.

Yesterday, we hit Silver Falls State Park which has a ridiculous number of waterfalls packed in a short 5 mile trail. The weather forecast said slight chance of intermittent rain. Uh huh. We arrived around noon to a light drizzle which steadily increased to full on rain by the end of our 4 hour hike.

But worth it when you get to see this...

Silver Falls State Park

Record rainfalls in March have some side benefits: massive, roaring, breathtaking waterfalls. Which you can walk behind in these natural grottoes.

Silver Falls State Park

Surprisingly (or not, this is Oregon, after all), there were quite a few people on this trail, despite the rain. I'd hate to see how crowded it gets during the summer months.

Silver Falls State Park

We marched up the switchback stairs in the pouring rain and headed back to the car where I peeled off my soaked pants and blessed the soul who invented seat warmers.

Note to self: don't max out on leg presses and leg extensions at the gym before hiking. Also, must buy rain pants.

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