Monday, January 17, 2011

Project: Lego

No resolutions. Just projects, remember? This one - Lego organization - is the boy's pet project and he's done an amazing job so far. We get asked quite frequently about our Lego storage system. And here's a caveat: adult fanatic Lego organization is VERY DIFFERENT from small children Lego storage (which apparently is right under wherever your foot happens to be).

James bought several types of storage bins, party for experimentation's sake but also because Lego sizes vary greatly. It irritates him that the bins don't all match though. This only serves as proof that this man is my Soulmate.

Here's the Lego closet - a work in progress. We still have bins and bins to sort though but it's a start. Everything is labeled for easy identification. See all those books piled on the red box? Lego instructions booklets - they'll get their own place soon. And that big bin at the top that looks like chaos? I'll show you what's in them in a bit.

Not only are the Lego stored according to their type: Plate 1 x 8 and up. James breaks everything down by color as well. Yup. Like I said. Soulmate.

And all those Lego in that giant bin? They're filled with individual bags that contain entire sets that we've deemed interesting enough to build again. So, instead of the horrific process of searching through individual bins to find the right pieces, all we have to do is grab the bag marked "Sandcrawler" and we're good to go. We'll also update the label system to include the model number of each set.


  1. Looking at those pictures, I am reminded that we have lots of space for more lego and more options for sorting possibilities.

    Craigslist here I come!

    All parents tired of stepping on Lego please let us know and we will happily buy it off of you!

  2. Really? That's where you're going with this?

    I thought you'd comment about how you don't believe in Soulmates.

  3. I showed my 7 year old son your organization and he is attempting to duplicate it, (he is similar to your husband, I fear). But he wanted me to contact you and ask you about how you have labeled your bins. What does the PL stand for, etc.

    1. Wow, organizing at 7?! That's amazing!

      For our labels, we try to use the official LEGO terminology - we learned that all those clear canopies for ships were called "windscreens".

      PL = Plate
      BR = Bricks

      Other categories we use include: Arches, Slopes, Technic, Pins, Connectors, Axles, Wheels, Walls, Windscreens, etc.

      The actual list of parts is overwhelming. I would suggest using broad categories at first which is what we did for a while. Then, as our collection expanded, we needed to really know what was in the "round things" bin. LOL.

  4. Wow. I just wandered here from a Google search on Minifig displays. I love you and your obsessiveness so much right now! I just got very excited when telling my husband about your perfectly level minifig case in which EVERY figure is lined up perfectly with the one above and below!! (He thinks I'm crazy now)