Monday, January 31, 2011

KODO: One Earth Tour

Fifteen years ago, I went to see a concert featuring a drumming group from Japan. "What? Really? We're going to watch some people bonging on drums? Why is that fun?" I knew nothing about this group and had no idea what I was in for. And then the KODO Drummers from Saido, Japan walked out onto the stage.

Holy. Sheee-it.

It's amazing that I waited so long to see them again but with all the moving I did - and all the moving they do (think massive global tour) - it took more than a decade. And we had to go to Olympia, WA to do so. Here's a travel tip: not much to do in Olympia as we found out. Luckily, we had other things to see.

I didn't take any photos or videos because I was focused on the performance. But this viewer video from 2007 is remarkably close to their current finale. Just increase the volume by a thousand and add massive vibrations to the floor and it's just like being there.

If you're anywhere close to where they're performing... GO.

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