Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchens Sell

In real estate, kitchens sell. The same goes for Lego as well. I wasn't so keen on the Lego Fire Brigade for some reason and passed on it. Luckily, the boy scooped it up and brought it home. And in the making, discovered one of the cutest little kitchens I've ever seen.

This puts all of my Barbie Dream House fantasies to shame (I've never owned one and always coveted but no more!). That stove really opens and I threw a lego turkey drumstick inside. The fridge has wieners and beer. Yeah I know. I need to take some extreme closeups of that. New lens incoming!

And of course for Megan.


  1. Those toys under the tree are awesome!

  2. The kitchen is cute, but the little lego envelope/card is killing me. Just killing me. Also cute, the train and the present. The jack-in-the-box is terrifying.

  3. I loved the jack-in-the-box!!

  4. That's a jack-in-the-box? Damn. I thought it was a jester's head on a pike. Like he displeased the Yuletide Tyrant.

  5. The Yuletide Tyrant is displeased with you, Gregg.

    Very displeased.

  6. *** INTERMISSION *** I see Zalra is no longer playing on a RPPvP server, Emerald Dream. Who is this? A ghost from the past reminiscing about their old WoW glory days and fellow traveling companions. I was a female Undead toon who wandered across the Kingdom of Azeroth like Caine in Kung-Fu. Playing WoW for this long is just like a pure unadultered crack obsession. Will there be a resurrection of WoW in my future? Only if Molten Core freezes over. Also, I'm way to old to relearn the WoW playing mechanics of the game again and to find a good guild to join. The only guild I've ever been happy with was with KS. What is the point to this post here? It's a long winded greeting of me saying "Hello, Bubble Girl!".

  7. @Anon.

    Zalra is still around. She just has a new, sexier name. And I still play way too much.

    There was only one female, undead character I spent any time with - LilMissfit.

    Undeads were/are gross!

  8. Good memory! However, LilMissFit was my ALT, mage class. I don't believe that you forgot my MAIN . . . need a hint? She also was an Undead toon as well. All my toons on the account were created as females. Why female toons only? Being of that gender you have a smaller and thinner profile, makes you a smaller target to target.

    Comeon you gotta remember my MAIN toon. I so loved her too, she was ranked as Lt. General in PvP class. I kept that title cause it sounded way cooler than the higher level ones. We used to do twink BGs in WSG at lvl 19.

  9. Morbidangel was only good for farming chests in Mechana.