Monday, August 16, 2010


That's the sound I make when I walk into this room.

For some reason, we got up absurdly early on a Sunday... at least for us. And spent the rest of the morning cleaning and tidying up.

I love how the afternoon light streams into the sparkling kitchen and family room.

This burst of productivity didn't stop there... I spent today painting our bedroom one shade of taupe to another shade of taupe, making curtains, framing and hanging photographs.

And. I. Am. Tired.

Photos of the bedroom and living room makeover next weekend.


  1. Do those curtains match the pillow on the couch? Or is that just the photo that sort of makes it look that way? If they DO match, clever use of color.

  2. Are you asking MOI if the curtains match the pillow?


    Please, Gregg. You insult me.

  3. What is the brand and color of paint on the walls? I also do the painting in my house, and my "greige" is to light and too cool. Your house looks beautiful. You definitely have a knack for room makeovers.

    1. Thank you! The paint is Benjamin Moore's Sand White. I had a local paint company mix it up in Devine Paint.

    2. Thanks! I just tried to find Sand White at our local paint store, and I only found White Sand. I even called Benjamin Moore directly to see if they have a Sand White in their archives. :) Any chance you still have the paint number code? You seem to be ultra organized, and should be able to provide the info in 5 seconds flat. Unless it's buried under some Legos..... ;) By the way, I stumbled across your blog while searching for Lego rooms. Love it!

    3. Ah, sorry. My mistake! The last color I bought was a BM color so I just assumed. Actually, it's Glidden's Sand White. I'm not sure if they carry it anymore but I think this is the paint number code here:

      It's a very soft greige color (more beige than grey). I really like it.

      I wish I were more organized! Alas the Lego room looks like a Tornado went through it. You can only sort for so long before the itch to build takes over. Good luck!