Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jus De Steven Seagal

[ed. Back in 2006, I deleted almost 3 years worth of blog posts. It was a criminally stupid act and I wish I had at least backed them up but alas... Anyways, one of the more memorable posts was about the oh-so-incredible Jus De Steven Seagal.]

You think I'm kidding right? Fortunately for you and the 50 counties where Steven's juice is available, I am not.

Wow. I am getting excited and thirsty just writing this post!
Here's what they have to say about Steven Seagal's Juice:

Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt energy drinks are as unique as the man who created it. It has pioneered the way for nutritional, all natural energy drinks and emerged as many "firsts":

100% Juice and Herbal Energy
All Natural - No Preservatives
Offered in multiple flavors
Not a significant source of Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron, or dietary fiber.


  1. Oh no, she's run out of ideas and is in repeats!

  2. Somethings are worth repeating. Such as the juice of Steven Seagal.