Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Wired?

No, this isn't about coffee. So, remember my bag problem? This is part of the reason why I need so much storage capacity. Other than my home computer, everything travels with me on a daily basis. Let's count the silliness:

Laptop. Cellphone. iTouch (thanks Susan). Point and shoot camera. External hard drive and for the gym, my iPod shuffle. And on occasion (though you can't see it in the photo since I'm using it to take the picture), my DSLR camera. No, the mini Millennium Falcon stays at home. Isn't it adorable though?

Do I need to be this wired? I mean, I did manage to go to high school and even University without email or a cellphone. Cellphones were the size of grey bricks and I think the main means of "internet" communication was via bulletin boards. Also, we didn't call it the "internet" back then; it was the Information Superhighway... before Al Gore invented it properly and made it all cool and hip.

It's hard staying current and relevant... without looking like a jackass wannabe. Even as I switch over to Windows 7 (and discover more and more things that aren't compatible with my new O/S), I find myself mumbling crap about "change" and missing "Windows 3.0"

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  1. We should really hear more about that Millenium Falcon!