Friday, February 05, 2010

Green Beans Of Death

We've both been on a healthy eating/gym kick lately (well, at least I was before I got bronchitis that practically morphed into consumption). James wanted to expand his vegetarian menu to include more home-made dishes. So, he poured over a few recipe books and selected one to try: Green beans with roasted peppers and mustard butter.

Normally, I would have helped him but since I couldn't even speak without coughing, he was on his own.

First, he started off by grilling the red peppers. Which created a cloud of smoke which in turn triggered a massive coughing fit. I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. After 10 minutes of coughing so hard that it caused a nose bleed, I peered out to see every window wide open and a very apologetic boy.

After he assured me the grilling part was over, he continued with the cooking process. Time to blanch the green beans. Caught off guard, there was a mad rush to prepare the ice water which resulted in flying ice cubes and an "oops, ripped my pants".

The next step involved roasting some mustard seeds. "Mustard seeds. I have never cooked with mustard seeds," he mumbled which should have been a clue. Seconds later the scent of burning mustards seeds preceeded the mushroom smoke cloud.

This time, I took refuge in our bedroom until the coast was clear.

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