Thursday, January 07, 2010

Things That Make Me Go "Ugh"

2010! I like the even quality of this new year. It sits well with me.

Right now, I'm knee deep in some serious cleaning and organizing. Just following my conditioning/programming. Among a lot of useless items, I found a box of photos, documents and letters. Jackpot!

Kindergarten circa 1976. I'm pretty certain you can figure out which one I am. My mother did my hair. And let me just state that for a great many years, she was responsible for my hair styles. Not me. I repeat - not me.

A report card from Grade 2. Ji-Yon was my Korean name (I changed it to Cindy the following year so I would appear less ethnic - it didn't work). Mrs. Goetken was surprisingly detailed and earnest in her written comments...

To think, I have report cards spanning from Grade 1 to my MBA. Amazing.

And of course, all the school photos; it was horrifying just looking at them. However, the boy is usually a good barometer for what's funny and he barked out loud at a few of them... so here they are.

From left to right:

1. I can't remember what grade that was, but I'm pretty sure I was a boy at the time. Geez.

2. Which might explain why I went for the ultra feminine pink/lace blouse. You can also see the beginnings of my "smirk-smile". And this was the last time my mom was in charge of my hair.

3. However, as you can clearly see, I didn't fare much better. This was during my final year of Jr. High School at Killarney. Let the home perm jobs begin! Oh, I also hand-picked the tinted, over-sized glasses. This photo ranks very high on my "NOooo WTF!!" scale - you have no idea.

My high school years from left to right:

1. Bad perm + boredom equals a short pixie cut. I think shortly after this photo, I realized I had two giant mustaches for eyebrows and finally started plucking. Disastrous results ensued that took my mother a good 3 months to repair.

2. Big hair, dark tan and frosted pink lipstick.

3. The graduation photo. James took one look at that tightly permed hair and mumbled "poodle".

Oh the humanity.


  1. Hey, the high school yous are hot. Just... you know, not taking full advantage of it. But not ruining it either!

    Oversized glasses still make more sense than Kanye Glasses. I only found out about those a couple months ago and couldn't believe they were a real thing. So take heart, in a few years there will be some kids who feel even dumber looking at their old photos than you feel right now.

    Not me, though. I was always amazing.

  2. My friend Shelly commented that my cheeks must have been blind. She's got a point - 99% of those glasses cover my everything but my eyes.

    Those photos will always be hard to look at, Gregg. Even when I'm older and greyer.