Monday, January 25, 2010

My Studio Mocks

I've been planning my studio for a very long time. I mentioned it way back when and plotted out the details here... finally got around to actually furnishing the room last August. And then life got busy. So busy that I logged only 50 posts on my blog for 2009 which is less than half over the previous years!

Here's the room last August...

And my studio today. I haven't even come close to organizing the shelves or filling the white boxes or putting in the window seat...oh well. Yes, that's a Zac Efron photo in the bottom right hand corner of my cork board. It's an inspiration board!

The view from my desk. I chose happy, colorful artwork and eventually plan on covering most of the wall. And no, my desk is rarely this clean.

So, there is it. My studio. Now that it's finished and ready, I never have time to spend in it. Naturally.

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  1. What the heck has been going on while I'm at work? Why is your nose so red and why can't you talk? I thing your Studio broke you...