Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Happening Part 2?

I'm undecided.

Just read about some genius who decided to send some pot via FedEx. After he had paid and left, the FedEx employee, suspicious that someone would spend $55 to ship a package that had a mere "$100" value, opened up said package. $1500 of marijuana later, the police were called in.

Now there are lawyers involved asking questions such as "what's to stop a FedEx Employee from opening any package valued at under $100?"

The obvious massive stupidity and criminal issues aside, I too am left wondering about the whole privacy issue. FedEx would have us depend entirely on the "very invovled and extensive training" their clerks receive. Hmmm.

Maybe there should be a dog at the front desk as well. A human to weigh the package and tell you how much they're overcharging you... and a dog to sniff it.

[ed: I need to get back to blogging with photos! These news articles are interesting enough but I know you're all dying to see pictures of my latest purse, the overhauled craft room. Stay tuned though, I have decided that this year's Christmas theme is going to be "TACKY"]

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