Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad News, James

While I am still a fan of Tokidoki purses, my attentions of late have meandered over to Burberry.

Shocking! Unthinkable! I know, I know. Me and plaid?! Such a combination would have been ludicrous just a few short months ago. Wasn't I the one who systematically purged all the hideous plaid Eddie Bauer shirts from the boy's closet shortly after we started dating? Yes. Guilty as charged. I still don't regret that move; it had to be done.

So, why plaid now? In my defense, Burberry is awesome plaid. Lovely, elegant plaid. I even like their tan/brown version of this check. But this purse is swoonworthy.

I covet *sigh*. Seeing has how I've blown through my birthday and our anniversary present allotment, it looks as though it's up to Santa this year.


  1. Ooh ho! You think this gets you off the hook? I think not.

  2. Mmmmm, I initially said "no problem"...until I saw the price.
    I now respectfully retract my offer. LOL

    But it is a gorgeous bag.

  3. No retracting, SusieQ!

    I have a written contract in email form!