Monday, July 06, 2009

One Post for June?!

Wow, I suck.

I can't remember blogging so little since I started this thing. Granted I have been incredibly busy with multiple projects, house guests etc but still... one post? That's disgraceful.

But when we do have some downtime, Netflix to the rescue! The boy and I started watching the HBO True Blood Series. We're both fans of the books by Charlaine Harris but I was rather reluctant to give this a try.

Considering the massacre that was the TV adapation of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, I had low expectations for True Blood.

Surprisingly, it's a pretty faithful interpretation of the series. Too much so at times - dialogue is pulled straight from the pages. While other items are completely re-vamped (har har).

There are 2 things that prevent me from truly enjoying the show.

1) The way Bill (the guy on the left) says "Sookie"... the main character's name. He breathes heavily into it.. "Suuuhhhkieeee". It makes my skin crawl. I looooathe it.

2) Anna Paquin. Yes, the little girl from the Piano. Everything about this selection fails, from the dyed blond hair to the horrible, horrible southern accent to her attempts at looking soulful and deep - more like constipated and confused.

Other than those minor irritants, it's been a fun distraction. Carry on.


  1. That's one more post than I did! :) I've been enjoying True Blood, which surprised me because I had a hard time finishing the first book.

    We went camping last week; I am hoping to get motivated enough to post soon, as I'll have diving pictures this weekend (I hope), parental visit pictures, and sibling visit pictures, all coming up this month. I can tell you that the kids are absolutely adorable!

    As for heat, it's hitting us now. It's about 75 degrees outside, and my brain is melting into sticky piles of goo. It's so hot that the boss's wife (who's HR and payroll) has declared a break in the dress code, and shorts are allowed until it cools down. Have I mentioned I don't do well in heat? I like my deserts cold, like the arctic!

  2. Odd. You and Eric both had trouble with the books while James and I have really enjoyed them. They're light, fluffy summer reading.

    As for summer. Ummm... 75 is not hot. Last week it swelled past 90 degrees here and I refused to step outside.

  3. I enjoyed the TV show, blood, sex, violence, what's not to like!

    Except for a little bit of prognosticating based on the books, I've tried to distance the show from the novels and just enjoy the show for what it is, rather than an adaptation.

  4. You sound like the boy, Q.

    Stop trying to make sense.

  5. We've also started watching Californication. New boobs about every 10 minutes!

  6. It's supposed to be in the upper 70's to lower 80's again today. Ugh. I bought popsicles to leave at work. Yesterday was a record breaking 80 degrees (officially), although it was closer to about 85 at our house (it was much warmer inside the house). My boss actually told us to go home yesterday because it was too hot to work. Have I mentioned that I love my job?

    Yes, I'm a wimpy hot weather person. There's a reason I live in the far north: you can always add layers, but you can only take so much off, and sometimes even that doesn't help!