Saturday, April 04, 2009

Where's The Elevator?

The sun decided to shine for a bit today so to celebrate, we went on a short hike up Multnomah Falls.

Here's the thing... if you haven't been out hiking in a while, picking a trail that's "a moderate, 2.2-mile hike with 700 feet of elevation gain to the top" is probably not the best way to dust off your hiking boots. There's an even more difficult version of this hike to Wahkeena Falls that's over 5 miles with a 1,600 foot elevation. Next time, something on more level ground.

But it sure is pretty.

Apparently, half the city of Portland had the same idea. Which made for some interesting people/shoe-watching. People don the most inappropriate footwear to climb a fairly bumpy, slick and mossy trail. Flipflops, penny loafers and ballet slippers. Seriously? Really?

And I was able to test out shutter speeds on water. Not bad despite the lack of a tripod.

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