Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play With Me

Yesterday the boy called me from work with the suggestion that he take the day off. But what would we do? We threw around a few ideas until I said, "Lego". And then we were on our way.

For Christmas, I received the Green Grocer which is just an amazing blend of doll house/Lego. But I dragged my feet and hadn't even opened the box ... until I realized that we always, always do Lego together. So, we drove down to the Lego store to get something for James, picked up the Republic Attack Shuttle and spent the rest of the afternoon in our respective Lego worlds.

It's not the sexiest looking ship in the Star Wars collection but the Attack shuttle has tons of interactive pieces: missiles, torpedoes, etc.

Here's the inner bay with the weapons rack and green torpedoes that auto advance after you drop one. These little things seems to really impress the boy.

Meanwhile, in another galaxy, a little market was coming together nicely. I only got the first floor of the building done - what can I say? I'm a slow Lego builder and that was with some assistance from a very anal-retentive Lego sorter. It's not missiles or bombs but look at all the little fruit! And the mailbox in the far right! Too cute!! I think I played with the mailbox and envelopes for a good 15 minutes.

Alas, peace was short lived. Unfortunately, it seems that the Star Wars lego contingency in our house is rather a violent one so it wasn't long before the Attack shuttle started flying over head and dropping bombs on the market.

A banana is no match for a light saber.


  1. So...nubbers doesn't like the fact that the banana isn't to scale eh?

    Pah....I say it's "size" envy!!!
    What man wouldn't want everything to be 3 times bigger than it actually is!

    Otherwise...I am pea green with envy. I want a green grocer too!!

  2. The grocer set is sooooooo cute. Perhaps I should just throw away some of Daniel's computer stuff so that I could have room for a lego play set of my own!

  3. Susan and Megan ~ Words fail to describe the sheer wonder of the Green Grocer.

    For me, the joy of lego has always been in the building. But with the Grocer, it's all about playing with the teeny tiny stuff.

    It is by far the best lego set I've ever owned. Including all the Star Wars sets.

  4. Did the star wars legos put the green grocer legos to the sword and burn down their fruit stand?

  5. "Does this fruit vendor not value his life? YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FRUIT VENDOR!!"

    The hours in Shattrath have that burned into my brain for life.

  6. Okay Zaro.

    Seriously. That was FUCKING HILARIOUS. Well played, sir.

  7. I believe the Storm Trooper is actually just going to use his light saber to chop the banana into little pieces for his cereal.

    His intentions are completely innocent.

  8. How cute!! I love the green grocer set!