Friday, March 13, 2009

Couch to 5K

Let me be very clear. I hate running. I have never, ever enjoyed running and always detested it. Flashback to elementary school. Back in the 70's and 80's, we suffered through the joy of the annual "Canada Fitness Tests". A grueling trial of situps, pushups, flexed arm hangs, 50m dash, etc and of course, the dreaded endurance run. Based on your age group, there were pre-determined fitness levels that you had to hit in order to receive a bronze, silver, gold or excellence medal in each event. If you sucked, you got a plastic participation badge. Awesome.

I always tried my best until the endurance run. I'm not sure how long it was - I'm tempted to say about 100 miles but I'm pretty sure that's not correct. Anyways, I always ended up walking that event as a means of saying "F@ck you" in my 8 year old way.

Ever since then, I've had a hate/hate relationship with running. But secretly, as I passed an early morning jogger while sipping coffee in the comfort of my warm car, I'd feel a twinge of envy.

But this year, I'm going to LEARN to run and I found this Couch to 5K program that should help. Granted there are easier and less painful ways to get fit (which I'm doing as well)... but running has always been my nemesis.

I went out yesterday to test the waters ...

Now I make funny noises as I laboriously climb up and down the stairs. A good sign indeed.


  1. can do it! :) Diana

  2. Can you have nubcakes record those funny noises to play back in ventrilo for our amusement?

  3. Not going to do it. She makes my food...

  4. Good luck! I also feel that envious twinge, and keep thinking I could start running... after I lose enough weight to not kill my knees! I'm trying a new approach: hypnotherapy. It's slow going, but I am changing my eating habits in ways I've tried in the past but never stayed with. Eating slower. Putting utensils down after each bite. Enjoying the food, not just gobbling it down. Novel concepts, all!