Sunday, October 12, 2008


The boy and I were a few minutes into watching a new show called Testees (I'm rather fond of the name) when I realized that I went to highschool with one of the lead characters.

Which led me to google, which led me to his facebook page, which also prompted me to try to see my friend Ann's info ... which led me to finally creating a facebook profile because I can't see anyone's stuff if I'm not a friend ... which led me to spending a good 4 hours on this nonsense.

Crazzzzzy. You can find almost anyone on facebook. Add me to your friends!



    Best cards around.

    And I don't have a real camera. The picture of me you see up there is with a camera phone. So house pictures would be almost impossible.

  2. The EE cards still cling to a wafer-thin veneer of politeness.

    My goal is to deeply offend.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!
    Can I order 2 dozen??? LOL

    Can you also make some that say,
    It's not me, it's you.
    -You don't make enough money!
    -I don't like men in thongs.

  4. What does this say about Fizzie??? (What can I say, my mind is usually in the gutter.) I like the card!

  5. Hehe, I guess Q didn't actually post what he said, but the implication was that Fizzie was the only one who was big enough (or is that skilled enough?) to satisfy Toki. Please don't let this go to your head, Fizzie!