Saturday, October 25, 2008

Business In The Front, Party In The Back

The boy left last night for an informal reunion in Santa Cruz. Lots of old junior/high school friends. He asked me to come with but I wisely passed. I've discovered that reminiscing about past exploits is really only fun when it involves YOU. Like that big water fight back in my junior high school that started with a watergun and ended up almost flooding a hallway - wow, now that was FUN! But I betcha you all don't find it as awesome.

Plus, I already know how geeky and horny my husband was back in his teens. Tell me something I don't know.

So, while he's partying it up with girlfriends of Christmas past, I'm stuck minding the fort. Luckily, I found some distractions. Like these wonderful 80's music videos with brand new lyrics.


  1. Hmm... I'm back and I've told her about the Reunion, yet it still doesn't sound like something she wants to go to... I just don't understand.

    And hey! I wasn't geeky and horny... ah frick! I guess I am. I mean "was".

  2. Apparently, he ran around yelling "LIGHTNING BOLT!! LIGHTNING BOLT!!" all weekend.

    And since I don't have a cape or a magic wand to zapimify people, it probably wasn't my scene.

  3. Lol, sounds like you guys are having lots of fun! It's been busy up here, and I'm hoping to finish unpacking sometime before the start of 2009. Q is currently dressed like a green and purple dragon (no, not Barney!), and is looking forward to trick-or-treating on Friday.

  4. Don't get him near Q... he play's a lot of games that slay dragons...

  5. Ack! Make a new post. Everytime I hit this page I get the song stuck in my head for hours!