Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?! Come on, you know you did. Kinda. Sorta.

I've been distracted lately: a few new projects on the table, wrestling with paint colors, the Olympics, planning for dinner parties, buying cars and the urge to get the house ready for Christmas (I know, right!?).

But you've enjoyed looking at my brilliant little vase all this time, so it's been worth the lack of blogging. Oh and here's a new cute thing to feast your eyes on. It's a little gadget bag I bought from Etsy. Just big enough to carry my cellphone, credit cards and the shuffle - which is all I really need. But don't tell the boy that because I'd also buy a new purse everyday, if I could.

It's September now. My favorite time of the year. Fall drifting into pseudo-Winter (especially here in Portland). The air becomes crisp and you start wearing big, comfy sweaters, and baking from scratch seems not only natural but necessary. And you want to just curl up on the couch and read.

Speaking of which, finished Jim Butcher's latest book, Small Favor, from his Dresden files. The 10th book in the series, he's done an admirable job of staying the course. I think that's a hard thing to do - keeping the momentum going, character growth, plot development etc... while introducing new and fresh storylines.

Most turn into horrendous car wrecks like Laurell K. Hamilton and her Anita Blake series. Somewhere along the line, those books went from interesting works of horror/fantasy to really cheesy, hardcore smut. It says something when I skip past 20 pages and still find the characters immersed in the same repetitive sex scene. Read the customer reviews. (I almost included some examples but decided against it - my blog would become all gross and cheesy too.)

Now I need more books to read. Hmmm. I think I might pop down to the local library. That seems like a fall-ish thing to do.


  1. Cheesy smut is fine as long as it doesn't last too long... post away!

  2. The library is great for freaks who refuse to buy books, yet still long to read them. Er...I mean, you guys. LOL Anyway, I am just finishing one I picked up at the library that has one of the Dresden short stories in it. It was lots of fun.

    Actually, it turned me on to this writer whose style I really enjoyed in her short story. Her name is Rachel Caine. The first book in her Weather Warden series just arrived today. I'll let you borrow it if it's any good. :)

  3. Oddly enough they've turned both Anita Blake and Dresden Files into comics of late, though to a quite different demographic for each...

    Always fun seeing middle-aged housewives(like walking into a comic book store, looking for a comic about their favorite smutty novels. I can't wait until they start making romance-novel comics for women too lazy to read their porn.

    I've been in a non-reading mood lately. I go through phases, read a ton of books back to back until I hit one that loses my interest, then I just move on to other hobbies until I go back and finish it and move on to something that grabs my fancy again.

    I love the cool weather that fall brings, and the pretty change in leaves. I don't like raking though, so it's a mixed bag.

    I typically end up getting into winter doldroms, though I do look forward to each season before it gets here. One of those "grass is greener" type deals.

  4. yep, it's fall all right! The fireweed is blooming, the trees are rapidly turning yellow, and school bugs are coming home (damn stomach flu!!). Here's one for you: "Pagan Passions." It's a classic, but quite interesting. I finished it saying "That's it?!?!"

  5. I recommend "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It's essentially her autobiography. I can't describe it as pleasant, but I loved it.

  6. -Drive by-

    This blog sure has mellowed!